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T is for Tea #BlogchatterA2Z

A crazy Sridevi fan and super-excited that she was back on screen after a long time, I was looking forward to watching English Vinglish. In the first scene she wakes up from bed and marches to the kitchen, tucking her pallu at her waist with familiar ease. Immediately, she gets on the task of making coffee for herself and tea for her husband. The simple process of brewing and straining it seems engrossing and inviting when she is the one performing it. That is how tea is, a delight to watch and a pleasure to enjoy! 🙂

Tea is one of the most popular drink in the world and has an amazing variety. Black, Green, White, Oolong, etc are all derived from the same plant called Camellia sinensis which is native to Asia. India is the second largest tea producer in the world and also the largest consumer of black tea. Talking about tea instantly reminds me of lush green tea gardens that have featured in many Hindi movies and songs. From young to old, everyone loves it.

There is a misconception in Indians that tea makes one darker because of its heat content. Silly as it may sound girls are often discouraged from having it for fear of losing out on good marriage prospects. Apart from the rare instances when we were allowed tea with khari or toast, milk it was always for us. Rebel that I was though, I learnt to make a decent cup of tea before I turned a teenager and my services were soon called out by Dad. 😉

The tea memories I’m sharing today interestingly aren’t mine. When we were kids we enjoyed countless road trips throughout India with Dad’s best friend’s family. His two sons were roughly the same age as me and my brother. Our whole gang of eight had the most awesome time together. Dad and Uncle never booked ahead. Dad sat with physical maps and led the way while Uncle negotiated our stays. It was amazing team work.

Uncle’s wife is also Dad’s rakhi sister. Both of them were very close and share a lovely bond even now. Dad teasingly called Aunty ‘one of the kids’ because of her sloppy and fearful nature. Mind you, we graciously let it pass that we didn’t hop around the room like her after spotting a lizard. She played along sportingly, mockingly complaining about it to Mom. Seeing them pull each other’s legs and make up within moments was a life lesson we’ve retained even now. That’s how friendships must be! 🙂

Dad and Aunty are both tea fanatics. Every time we stopped the car Dad would seek out tea stalls and always order two cups. Uncle and Mom were coffee lovers while we kids sipped on our rare Frootis, Thumbs Ups and Fantas. Aunty liked her tea cold so Dad sweetly cooled down the hot tea for her by passing it expertly from one glass to another, every single time. It never occurred to anyone to help and he didn’t mind it either. It was cute, really. Conversations might be over coffee but tea has great relationships. 🙂

I’ve always been a Masala chai lover and have turned to detox and wellness teas only recently. While I enjoy their taste, the claims attached with them don’t appeal to me. Even with all its variety iced tea never made the cut for me either, I prefer salted lemon juice instead. My mornings always begin with a piping hot cup of ginger tea. Throughout the day though green tea gives me company. I’m enjoying sampling new brands and varieties of late.

Are you a tea or coffee person? Which ones are your favourites? Would like to know.

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge for April 2019

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17 thoughts on “T is for Tea #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. I am Team Tea too! I only love my haath ka chai, yes I am that fussy. However I have suffered through innumerable cups of bad Tea without a complaining word too.

  2. Oh, you tea people 😛
    I am a coffee person (I fall short of saying addict) but my family, barring my husband, loves tea. The day doesn’t begin unless they get their cuppa. I enjoyed reading your chai-time stories. There is something about these beverages that gets us talking and making memories, no?

  3. Tea should be declared the national drink of our country. Sipping tea with your friends and having a adda session with them has beautiful memories attached to it.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day.

  4. I like coffee more than tea but when it comes to tea, I like kadak adarakh wali chai. To me, my mood and weather are the deciding factors if I want to have tea or coffee.

  5. It was nice to re-read your post after more than a year Varsha. If I remember correctly, you had announced that you would participate in the A to Z Challenge this year as well, right? But I didn’t see you on the lists. Missed you!

  6. I am a coffee lover Varsh but for health reasons given it up completely and now sip ginger turmeric tea through out the day. Loved to read your tea memories

  7. Masala chai with pakoda is my ultimate snack during monsoons. I am a coffee person and prefer to have green tea if I am opting for tea.

  8. I am a tea person too, turned to coffee when I started a new job in corporate and everyone seemed to be obsessed with coffee breaks. I am again a tea lover now since my husband makes the best tea in the whole world. He makes it daily for us and that’s how I love to start my day.

  9. So rightly said tea doesn’t make anyone darker with the content of heat in it. Tea is good for health and immunity (few specialised teas). I have tea every day and I am not darker at all.

  10. what lovely memories 🙂
    I too have many Tea memories from my childhood. I LOVE love my masala tea – and enjoy a cup or 2 every day 🙂
    but, honestly, I rely more on coffee now – somehow it’s become my go to choice of drink (perhaps all those coffee shop dates turned my taste buds 🙂 )

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