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Sunset stories #WowPrompt

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a fetish but there’s something about a sunset that makes my heart sing. If the morning sky, with its beautiful colours, holds promise of a new beginning, the vibrant hues of an evening sky pay tribute to the accomplishments of the day. It is how we ought to remember our day and life before darkness engulfs it.

House-hunting was a pain but I’m extremely lucky to finally settle in a place that has brought me closer to nature. Feeling generous, God graced me a home that accords me the priceless sight of a sunset from my balcony. What more, there’s also a lake that reflects its gorgeous shades and makes me want to take a picture for keeps, everyday.

While travelling, picking or dropping my kids to activity classes, going for a walk or hanging out with friends, the amateur photographer in me is always inspired. I’m sharing with you today few of my personal pictures, because every sunset says a different story!

This picture is taken in front of the NMMC Headquarters, Belapur. I wanted to click the newly launched Uran-Belapur train with the sunset in the background. As if on cue, the train stopped for a while on the bridge enabling me to take this lovely shot. 🙂

We took our kids to Wonders Park, Nerul as a treat for Children’s Day. As expected, the setting sun and the open sky beckoned me. I’ve taken pictures here before but this fire-breathing dragon and the glowing sun were too good to resist. Angel assumed I was clicking her and posed happily. Two birds in one stone? 😉

I simply love this picture! We took this on a hill on our way back to Mumbai from Imagica. This is my friend’s daughter, always game for some fun. She tirelessly moved her hands in any direction I asked her to, till I got it perfect. Not surprisingly, rest of the kids queued up behind me after seeing this. 😀

Evening is my favourite time of the day. I try to plan my workouts and outings around it because that’s when I’m most energetic and upbeat. I was glad when A Jr offered to join me for my evening jog few days ago. He panted and sweated a lot but managed to make himself and me happy by trying his best. One step at a time. 🙂

There’s a Sai Baba temple near my home which also has a beautiful garden. I’ve visited it in mornings but it is in the evening that the sky is absolutely stunning. The hide and seek of the setting sun with the leaves of trees in this picture is cute, isn’t it?

Hope you liked my photos and the little stories behind them. Do you like taking pictures too? What is your muse? Please do share with me.

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53 thoughts on “Sunset stories #WowPrompt

  1. You have expressed your feelings so well here. Personally, some of my favourite sunsets are on the beach. I’ve just returned from a vacation in Goa, and was blessed with some breathtaking sunsets there.

  2. Really enjoyed reading the little thoughts behind your pictures and sunsets are always such a beautiful time, where it gets you thinking about the day ❤️

  3. Evening is a wonderful time of the day. Once you have finished with your work and returning home. You see the beautiful scenes of sunset and it gives you so much joy and relaxation.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day.

  4. I too prefer evening , it is the best time to capture pure nature. The pictures are incredible. I totally enjoyed your writing. Wonderful narration. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This post seems really interesting I Really enjoyed reading the little thoughts behind your pictures and sunsets it looks so good.

  6. I just love the beauty of nature. I today clicked one pic of sunrise with the mesmerizing shades of morning in the sky. I am in love with all your clicks here.

  7. Sunsets are magical. Even though we have one sun but every place offers a different view to the sunset in a unique way. Lovely write-up.

    1. True, sunsets are depressing for few. I do love them though, for reasons I mentioned in the post. Glad you liked my pics, M. Been taking them anywhere and everywhere for years! 🙂

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