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Blogging with a purpose in January 2021 #CauseAChatter

Written word is a powerful medium to reach across boundaries and nationalities. Books, newspapers, etc have historically been the driving forces behind spreading information and shaping up the world we reside in. With the advent of the internet this power commands more respect than ever. Blogging has proven this. Over time blogging has evolved from being a means of personal expression to becoming a collective voice that can effect change. Blogging with a Purpose with Blogchatter has been one of the best rewards of 2020 for me. It was informative, engaging and a dose of positivity that we could all use.

Many bloggers pitched in and highlighted causes that we care about. Ruchi, Dr. Amrita, Deepa, Geethica, Roma, Pragun, MeenalSonal etc covered a variety of topics like parenting, health, sustainability and e-learning for kids. The cherry on the cake was receiving a CauseAChatter Champion certificate for our content and efforts. Truly a Badge of Honour we’re all happy and proud to flaunt! You can check out my posts for my Health & Wellness Series here.


Have you ever wished to make a difference in this world with your writing? Do you want to invest your creative energy in doing something that you believe in? As 2021 is knocking on the door here’s your chance to join hands with us and get associated with Blogchatter for a cause. Blogging with a Purpose in 2021 is the best way to go about it.

What is Blogging with a Purpose with CauseAChatter?

No matter how long a journey is, it begins with a step and every one counts. This year we had a total of 18 bloggers, now Advocates, who contributed to CauseAChatter in their unique ways. The common factor was our passion to consistently create good content on our chosen theme every month. It took a great deal of research and was one of the highlights of an otherwise gloomy year for us.

Blogging with a purpose in January 2021_avibrantpalette

Come 2021, it is going to be bigger and better. CauseAChatter has something exciting in store for all of us. Bloggers are going to contribute to three specific causes which will be revealed by the team in January. I’m joining in and would encourage others to sign up for it in January. For starters, check out what Blogging with a Purpose 2020 was all about here.

Blogging involves a steep learning curve and is an ongoing process. If building an audience seems challenging, creating our brand that resonates with our writing is even more so. Unless you touch a chord with your readers you cannot expect to leave a mark on them. A kind word or deed does just that. Grab this opportunity to engage and interact with them with Blogging with a Purpose and make the difference you always wanted to.

Meanwhile, you can explore the brand new Blogchatter website and check out its new features. Don’t miss the swanky new Book Review page. You can now browse through the online library and apply for books for review directly from the website. Cool, isn’t it? See you there!

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13 thoughts on “Blogging with a purpose in January 2021 #CauseAChatter

  1. I have read posts by other bloggers that were a part of Cause A Chatter. I will check out Blogging with a purpose and if possible will definitely join in. Blogchatter has always been one of my favorite platforms.

  2. I I am new to blogging and came across blogchatter through a friend. I am definitely loving the blogging experience so far and will be checking out the new functionalities!
    Good write up!
    Thanks for sharing about this wonderful platform!

  3. I really like this idea of blogchatter. Indeed it is best way to serve our community and help others. Somehow I had missed the chance to participate last year. This year will surely try to join in.

  4. Blogchatter is a wonderful platform for all bloggers. I participated in their Myfriendalexa campaign and loved reading all the beautiful posts that I came across. I love how they keep coming up with such fabulous ideas.

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