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Conversations over the Perfect Cuppa

Are you a tea or coffee lover? Do you believe that memories can be made over a cuppa? Is sipping from a mug which talks to you more fulfilling than casually picking anything off the rack? An everyday ritual can transform into an experience just by switching your cup or mug. Whether it is tea cups, filter coffee tumblers or cute milk cups, every piece has a story to tell. Conversations like these are the stuff nostalgia is made of!

Every family member is in a relationship with their cup or mug and loves to keep it exclusive. Wouldn’t it be exciting then to explore something exclusive that’ll suit their liking and personality? ExclusiveLane offers a beautiful range of cups and mugs with each piece crafted with love and care. Read on as I share some wonderful options with you.

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Beautiful Tea Sets

Imagine having your breakfast tea in one of those Victorian teacups complete with a tea kettle and sugar cubes. Porcelain and China tea sets with their gold-plating or floral prints add elegance to your dining room décor. Closer home, Warli Art tea cups are a brilliant ethnic option when you’re hosting. Your guests will never forget conversations over your splendid hospitality.

Hand-painted ‘Celebration in Sand’ Warli Ceramic tea and coffee cups are a lovely tableware collection. Warli painting dates back to almost 3000 B.C and uses simple patterns and natural pastel colours depicting festivity, celebration and happiness. Most common of these designs are dancing women, playing musical instruments, etc. Made with love and exquisite detail, they are a delight to look at!

Cutting Chai Tea glasses

Who doesn’t remember standing on a roadside tea-stall and drinking cutting chai with friends or colleagues? Having tea in those classic glasses at odd hours is like a shot in the arm for students and travellers alike. Conversations ranging from the latest gossip to the defense strategy of our country flow effortlessly over a cup, or a few. Thankfully, one can enjoy that cutting chai banter at home with some beautifully crafted tea glasses now.

‘The Beauty of 3 States’ is a manifestation of the unity in diversity of India. Assam’s cane, Maharashtra’s metal and Sheesham wood of Uttar Pradesh come together and create this exclusive collection. Other range of products includes key holders, stationery, bath-ware etc.

Coffee Mugs

There’s something feverishly tempting about coffee mugs, one can never have enough. Sitting with a warm coffee mug with a good book is the perfect date, isn’t it? Quotes, floral, hearts or abstract are the most trendy choices. However, these gorgeous hand-painted coffee mugs are bound to give you some snob value.

‘The Hut Jumbo Cuppas’ collection represents a rustic old village in South India. They’re hand-painted by Victor and his team living in Puducherry. The vibrant colours beckon you to this beautiful art collection that has a wide variety of different designs in food plates, chutney bowls and even bathroom dispensers and flower vases.

Dual-toned Multipurpose Mugs

Some mugs leave a mark with their unassuming simplicity. Dual-toned mugs often use contrast colours and let them speak for themselves. They’re perfect for any kind of beverage and add a dash of colour to a cold morning or a grey evening.

‘Blues of Sky’ studio pottery mugs have a minimalist design and are delicately glazed with blue on the outside. In gentle contrast to it, a teal-blue glaze inside completes its dual-toned look. They have a simple round handle and an elegantly tapered body.

Hope you liked these lovely designs from ExclusiveLane. Which one is your favourite? Do share with me!

14 thoughts on “Conversations over the Perfect Cuppa

  1. I liked the coffee mugs and dual toned cups. For a change, I like to have tea in Kulhad. I carried one set of khans when I came the USA after marriage. I have always liked the collection of cups that we get in India. Good to know that I have a place to explore some variety.

  2. Wow loved this post. All options are super awesome. Specially coffee mugs I like most. Though I m not much a tea or coffee lover but after seeing all these stylish crockery feeling tempted to shop these ones.

  3. Wow… What a diversified cups!… I loved the coffee mug and its print is fabulous. I just love the conservation with our loved ones with a cup of tea or coffee.

  4. I am a tea person but love to have my tea in coffee mugs & I love collecting mugs. These tea cups & coffee mugs from Exclusive lane look really beautiful. I would love to check their collection, will get something to add to my collection.

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