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Working on Emotional Wellness #CauseAChatter

The helplessness when you feel you’re despondent, the relief when you catch the bus by a whisker, the distress after a sudden roadblock appears or the ecstasy when you hit the jackpot; emotions, positive and negative, play a huge role in inspiring our lives. We may choose to accept or deny it but getting emotional is as human as breathing and is nothing to be embarrassed of.

We often consider displaying emotions a sigh of weakness. Tears are shed in secrecy while happiness is shared with a precious few. When someone is aware of our vulnerabilities we risk giving them control over ourselves. Isn’t that the general perception? While this may be true to some extent, do we spare a moment to reflect upon its consequences? Is holding it all inside good for our own emotional wellness?

Emotional wellness is a subtle but important part of self-care that allows us to accept our feelings. We cannot choose our emotions but can certainly condition ourselves to live through and grow beyond them. It gives us the inner strength to manage stress, facilitates unimpeded self-expression and helps form better relationships with others.

Being emotionally aware has its merits. It helps us develop the right attitude and grants us the confidence to learn from our mistakes. A balanced life rich with experiences is surely something to look up to. While it is easier said than done, emotional wellness is a service we owe to ourselves. How to achieve this though?

Surround yourself with positivity

Positivity is contagious and can deeply influence your mood and feelings. Surround yourself with people and things that emit only positive vibes. Anything that makes you happy deserves to be around you, nothing else.

Practice gratitude

Expressing gratitude goes a long way in developing emotional security, and not just yours. Appreciate your loved ones and give time and respect to your relationships. You can also maintain a gratitude journal.

Don’t pull yourself up

Mistakes are a part of human nature and none of us are exempt from them. What matters is our handling and takeaways from them. The experience may be negative but the lesson will always be positive.

Seek others out

Continuing from the point above, don’t retract to a shell because you may have erred. It is a good idea to seek out people who can lend you a helping hand. You don’t have to do it all alone.

Gel with overall wellness

Emotional wellness must gel with other dimensions of wellness like physical, spiritual, mental etc to create the perfect balance within us. Consider your body a temple and wellness the various rituals that keep it sacrosanct.

This was my third post in the Health and Wellness series with #CauseAChatter. Please do share your thoughts on it and let me know any topics you would like me to write on.

18 thoughts on “Working on Emotional Wellness #CauseAChatter

  1. I so needed to read this post today, Varsha. Yes, we discuss and take care of all aspects of wellness but rarely think of adding emotional wellness to that list. The time to start is always now.

  2. Wow even I wrote a similar article on mental wellness for someone’s website. We bloggers are learning quite a bit from all the exposure.

  3. You have shared some wonderful points here. I cannot stress the importance of gratitude. It was something that my mom did and we followed without realizing it had a word.. but it is certainly calming

  4. I agree Varsha! Emotional well-being is as important as physical well-being! Understanding our emotions, accepting them is a big step towards that wellness. Positivity is truly contagious and I love being surrounded with optimistic people.

  5. Surrounding yourself with positive people and positive thoughts is a great choice. I too believe positive approach can help better for emotional wellness

  6. In order to handle our emotional health, we need to prioritize our life choices. Sometimes, half of the chaos is solved when we filter down unwanted elements from our life. Toxic environment whether it be in the form of people, our own thoughts, work place, can make our life miserable.

  7. Emotional health is an important parameter for a healthy and happy life and we cant ignore it. For that giving importance to self and self love is very important. If we can do that half the things will be sorted.

  8. Yes emotional wellness is an important part of our overall wellness but sadly not many people put enough attention on that. it is great that you have write a dedicated post on this subject. it will help in bringing awareness among people regarding emotional wellness.

  9. Emotional wellness is as important as physical wellness. Adding more these tips, I would suggest that it is important that all of our emotions go out as and when needed. Holding an emotional baggage leads to breakdowns.

  10. Emotional wellness has become a need of an hour. With increasing stress due to various reasons be it competition, comparison, work related stress it is important that we know how to balance our emotions and for that knowing what you are feeling and why and to know how to handle them for a better living.

  11. That’s a great post Varsha, I personally like hearing happy cheerful songs and surrounding myself with positive people. they indeed are contagious in spreading happy positive vibes around

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