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Health and Wellness Theme Post #CauseAChatter

Health means different things to different people. Some would say they’re healthy if they hit a certain number on the scale while some would base it on the physical activities they can take up without breaking a sweat. Some consider eating right a mark of good health while others connect it with absence of disease. Interestingly, all these ideas of being healthy are right to some extent. Wellness, on the other hand, needs a little more nudging and understanding.

Being healthy and feeling well are often used interchangeably, but are these terms similar? If you look closely, they’re not. Wellness encompasses our overall well-being; mental, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual etc. It is an active process of change and health is an important part in the bigger scheme of wellness choices. Together, they work towards helping us achieve the perfect balance within ourselves.

I explored and discovered a lot of things during my self-transformation journey. While weight loss was my biggest aim, I quickly realised that this process was a splendid opportunity to connect with myself on a deeper level. Thanks to this revelation, although it took me close to six months to put down 10 kgs, I felt immensely proud and satisfied with my achievement. I found as much joy in running as I did in meditation. Yoga and strength training days were both cheerfully welcome. This, I believe, is a good way to accomplish health and wellness together, yes?

Once in a while though we need some hand holding and what better than a wonderful community to share your thoughts with? I’m introducing a series on my blog with an intention to derive inspiration and avidly continue on my health and wellness journey. I’ll be covering various topics that I believe would benefit me as well as my readers. Please feel free to share your suggestions, I promise I’ll consider writing about them to the best of my ability.

Stay with me as I share with you a series of posts of Health and Wellness with #CauseAChatter. Want to participate in this wonderful campaign? Register here and start writing!

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21 thoughts on “Health and Wellness Theme Post #CauseAChatter

  1. That’s a lovely theme. These days we all are looking for not just weight loss but also a healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to your posts

  2. I completely agree with you, being healthy and stay fit is much more than just losing weight. it is a combination of physical, mental, social and emotional well being of a person. I really loved your theme and looking forward to learn more from you.

  3. Being healthy and feeling well are two totally different things. But yes you should not feel unwell after eating healthy otherwise you may be doing something wrong, right?

  4. It’s wonderful to note about your theme for the campaign. I agree with you that wellness and health are 2 different things, though closely related. Holistic Wellness should be the sole mantra to thrive in these ever demanding and ever unpredictable times. I look forward to your posts in the series and i am sure there’s gonna be a great learning for the readers 🙂

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