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Update your playlist with these top Music Accounts on Helo

It is the music that sets your mood, whether you are preparing for a workout, heading for a trip or setting up a party. Imagining a life without music is like imagining a world without sun, monotonous, blank and almost lifeless. One of the most important factors of playlists is to keep them updated with the latest songs in the market, and there are plenty of channels on the Helo app to keep you updated. These channels or handles on Helo will keep you informed about all that is happening in the entertainment industry. Here are 5 handles that will share all the updates:

Entertainment Reporter : With over 85k people following this handle, the Entertainment reporter shares all gossips and updates of the entertainment industry. These can vary from the personal life of actors and actresses to the songs and films being released or to be released in the near future.

Start Music : Over 18.6k followers of this Start Music handle show how beautifully it manages to keep people updated about the music industry, no matter what language you prefer. It highlights the hottest videos and offers all news pertaining to various music shows.

Jjust_Music : One of the most promising and trending new handles, Jjust_Music shares updates about the upcoming songs and teasers. This handle is known for uploading backstage and rehearsal dance videos of celebrities. You can follow this account on Helo app for keeping yourself ahead of others in the music arena, with a peppier playlist and a lot of inside knowledge from the industry. Jjust_Music has a current following of over 1.2k.

Exclusive Tamil Music : As the name denotes, this account on the Helo India app speaks exclusively of Tamil music and a fan following of over 11.5k is a testimony of how popular it is. The Exclusive Tamil Music account regularly posts of the advancement in the Tamil music industry to keep the fans updated with the same.

Tiasa Ray : With 321k of fan following and over 324 posts, this girl is setting her account on fire with one after another melodious song. She doesn’t post about the industry, but surely is a rising star in the industry, hence deserved a place in this list. Tiasa sings and records, uploading these videos on her Helo handle, where the fans enjoy her soothing songs and the rising count of followers every day speaks of how famous she is becoming day by day.

There are a number of other handles out there on the Helo app to help you enjoy and add to your playlist. Explore and enjoy it. Happy listening!

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