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5 tips for Complete Intimate Hygiene in Women

Women are caregivers and ensure that everything around them runs smoothly. They tidy up their homes impeccably and make sure that their family is well looked after. However, when it comes to their own well-being they’re regrettably quite slack. Intimate hygiene, specifically, is one of the most important and ignored part of a woman’s self-care routine.

I’m sharing with you today some easily doable tips that will help take care of your intimate health. They’re not time-consuming and can be incorporated seamlessly in your daily schedule.

Keep breathing space

Women often wear tight clothes and innerwear during the day. Choose loose nightwear and preferably no innerwear while sleeping to let your intimate area get some air.

Choose cotton over other fabrics

Cotton absorbs sweat which can help avoid skin irritation to a great extent. Also, use mild detergents for washing your innerwear and rinse them properly.

Avoid douches/direct sprays

This is important to avoid imbalance of microrganisms in your vaginal area. Do it only if advised by a qualified physician though.

Say no to chemical-based products

Soaps, shampoos or washes that are meant for other parts of your body cannot be used on your intimate area. It is sensitive and only products like Everteen Natural Intimate Wash that are mild and soap, SLS and SLES free are recommended for it.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is formulated only with natural ingredients and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It ensures complete intimate hygiene by preventing itching, burning, odour and irritation. It is the daily companion you need for good intimate health.

Use it twice a day for protecting the natural pH Balance of your vaginal area and for everyday freshness. The best part is that is suitable for married and single women and is safe for all skin types. You can continue using it during your menstrual period too.

Consult with your gynaecologist

Do not take intimate hygiene lightly. Regular diagnostic check-ups with your gynaecologist can help identify and treat any possible risks early.

Women tend to neglect themselves for others and a woman’s overall health depends a lot on her intimate hygiene. Simple techniques and daily care are important to feel fresh and clean all day long. Use natural products and make sure to check that they contain no parabens, flavours, spermicides or oils. Also, consult with doctor regarding any medication that may affect your intimate health.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Please feel free to add anything you can.

13 thoughts on “5 tips for Complete Intimate Hygiene in Women

  1. Talking about intimate hygiene is very important. In fact it should come first before we talk about skincare. The best thing that I felt in this product is it can be used during menstrual period too

  2. Intimate hygiene is very important. UTI is so easy these days but there are plenty of measures to prevent them too. Good post.

  3. Plus one on wearing loose clothes and cotton inner wear. One also needs to be careful about common infections and how to treat them.

  4. Intimate hygiene is very important and harsh chemical-based soaps might affect the pH of the area. Great tips to avoid the discomfort.

  5. I appreciate you writing about this topic. People shy away from talking about these topics. I being a diabetic am prime to vaginal infections pretty frequently and have to ensure a good hygiene. These tips are really helpful for everyone.

  6. Cotton is such an incredible fabric when it comes to hygiene. We must be really cautious about taking care if our initimate hygiene.

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