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Thank you, wholesome food! #ThankfulThursdays

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Every time I see the Snickers commercial, the diva-like tantrums thrown by the cute college boys make me smile. The tagline Hunger acche accho ko badal deta hai has certainly been written intelligently. Hunger entails lot more than craving for food and someone who has felt those pangs can understand that perfectly. Thanking food for the role it plays in our lives is hence one of the deepest forms of gratitude.

Food is essentially for nutrition but its benefits run far ahead than filling our tummies. It helps us bond with our family, friends and neighbours, it is a way to show we love and care for someone, it is a silent apology, a celebration and a form of appreciation, it is the love of creation and presentation of something precious, it is the one thing that knows no borders and, going by the numerous cookery shows on television, it is a career option that didn’t popularly exist until a few years ago.

Given that my Mom was a super-fabulous cook, I being a foodie would hardly be surprising. Ours being a Marwari household, achars, papads, laddoos etc. had a permanent place in our kitchen store while dollops of ghee regularly made its way to our chapattis and dal chawal. It wasn’t just about heavy food though. Fruits, salads, lentils and the compulsory glass of milk in the morning kept us healthy and fit. I try to inculcate the same habits in my kids too.

I believe in respecting food for the nourishment and fulfilment it gives us while never forgetting how blessed we are to experience them. Every time my kids want to leave uneaten food on their plate I tell them it is Anna Devta ka apmaan to do so. The gluttony and ignorance of teenage have given way to moderation and watchful eating of approaching midlife. I’ve seen enough health-issues around me directly contributed by lethargy and bad food habits.

Is the food served to us on a platter the only form of food though? Like our body, our mind and soul need food and nourishment in the form of positive and motivational thoughts which can be achieved through inclination towards spirituality. A healthy mind in a healthy body, hence both eating and exercising right are crucial. As a blogger and writer I have a steady diet of extensive reading in any medium on various topics and genres.

On any gloomy day I don my apron and enter the kitchen with a vengeance. Cooking is my therapy and I pamper myself lavishly. A perfectly raised cake or impeccably seasoned gravy gives me immense joy. Exploring the wide diversity in vegetarian food is my hobby. If my well-received food posts on Instagram are anything to go by, I find food blogging a tempting venture. What better way to thank food for the role it plays in my life than giving it an exclusive place, right?

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18 thoughts on “Thank you, wholesome food! #ThankfulThursdays

  1. Very true. Respect n be thankful fr every meal.. few yrs back even I neva felt to be thankful to my mom fr such delicious food but nw I appreciate each n every mom out their who fulfill all our foodie demands.. With a smiling yes…

  2. Very nice thought.. I must tell you abt marathi prayer recited before meal. Loosely translated it reads – As u take a bite, take name of d God, That will ensure u the benefit of “हवन” for free (there is अग्नी in u stomach, आहुती by way of bite n Gods name taken makes it “पूर्णाहुती”). Food makes life sustained and therefore food is “पूर्णब्रह्म” and eating becomes not just stomach filling but “Yagnyakarma”. Hope you like this श्लोक.

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