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The Party #FridayFotoFiction


“You know I don’t like this ‘Work hard, Party harder’ lifestyle.” he had carped under his breath. She had heard it anyway.

“You cannot tell me what to do. I haven’t asked you how to conduct my life. We aren’t having this conversation again, ever!” she had blasted at him and banged the door hard enough to rattle the entire neighbourhood.

This happened a month ago but was etched on her mind, fresh and clear.

Could she forget that some drunken eve-teasers had cornered her and her friends that night passed lewd comments and tried to assault them?

That when she called him he alerted the cops and promptly reached there to help them?

Couldn’t he use his classic “I told you so” to reprimand?

No, he couldn’t. Fathers aren’t made that way. They love their princesses.

Another party was planned today. Shopping for it didn’t seem too exciting though.

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15 thoughts on “The Party #FridayFotoFiction

  1. What a powerful thought and what a gorgeous story!! I think somewhere we have all been through this – where our parents did not say a word even when we were heavily mistaken. INstead they loved us even more. its crazy how parents work 🙁

  2. Fathers are always so protective and caring for their kids, esp girls. So glad some girls are fortunate to have such fathers. Else, even fathers are turning out to be devils for their girls today. When they have one at home, safety in the outside world doesn’t matter much.
    Great piece, Varsha. Made me think. 🙂

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