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Thank You, dear Health #ThankfulThursdays

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Health is a word that gets associated with us right from the time we step into this world to the time we breathe our last. Some people relate it to a healthy lifestyle while some erroneously assume absence of disease as being healthy. Whatever the case, one cannot ignore the fact that it greatly influences the quality of time we’ve spent on this planet in more ways than we normally care to accept.

In past few years there has been a sharp increase in lifestyle diseases in people belonging to different financial strata alike. Increase in healthcare facilities has also seen a rise in the cost and availability of affordable treatment, which further stresses the importance of maintaining good health. Isn’t it easier and advisable to take proactive steps towards it then?

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Couple of years ago I lost my mother to prolonged illness aggravated by renal complications arising due to years of diabetes and heart health issues, despite the fact that she took good care of herself for most part. Last year I lost a cousin of mine, who was in his mid-forties, to cancer. Until the tumour got detected he was known to exercise for an hour and a half daily and eat moderately, so presumably healthy. Two deaths in the family in quick succession are enough to rattle anyone, aren’t they?


Belonging to and married into a family that has been battling with health issues makes one vigilant about their own health from a young age. This is not to say that I’m in the pink of my health, although I would give myself credit for identifying problem areas and taking (if only) baby steps towards correcting them.

I’m not a qualified professional but some things can be understood and expected to work wonders even without being certified to do so. Here are a few things which have helped me and I hope will be of use to you too.

~ ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is true, and so is vice versa. Positive thoughts can make you go a long way in feeling fit.

~ Healthy food is your best friend but occasional indulgences won’t harm you either.

~ There is no alternative to sweating it out. Choose what works for you, a sport, a jog, enrolling in a gym, power yoga, etc and stick to it.

~ Don’t shy away from making drastic changes in your lifestyle, slowly and surely. It won’t be easy but worth it.

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I’m thankful to my health today:

~for making me strong and not being dependent on anyone to get by.

~for two happy and uncomplicated pregnancies and normal deliveries.

~for being able to set an example to my kids and motivating them to exercise.

~for encouraging me to keep temptations at bay yet eat good food.

~for making me feel younger, fitter and more beautiful than ever.

~ for the flexibility and stamina to push my limits and surprise myself with what I’m capable of doing.

and finally,

~for proving that health issues don’t run in the family. Personal care can change that perception.

Are you thankful for being blessed with good health or are you working towards achieving it? Do share your thoughts and comments with me.

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25 thoughts on “Thank You, dear Health #ThankfulThursdays

  1. Breathtaking post, Varsha and I so agree totally with you. A healthy mind is a healthy body and for sure u are having people around who are and were suffering but we all mostly do in our families. So if we see what we can do with ourselves and how we positive we look at life things will surely change. Marvellous post.

  2. Sorry for your loss dear, how well pointed Health is a cause of concern even for no reason of worry. My husband recently lost a friend due to sudden cardiac arrest and he was a fitness freak.
    Yearly checks is something we must adhere to religiously.

  3. I loved teh post honestly I know some one very close to me is undergoing the treatment of Cancer and I can imagin how much internalgood feeling is required for a person going thru this.

  4. “Health is wealth.” Self love and care is very important and we should always stay positive for a calm and happy soul.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with you that health is wealth and we should be thankful for all that life has to offer us to be healthy forever. Also, I believe that to be healthy even if we have to make lifestyle changes we should do that for sure.

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