Is there some special recipe to create magic? I guess not. Just like a car needs a driver to take it around, a person needs to be driven to perform to the best of his abilities.

Love, lust, ambition, money, power or control, any of these or more can influence a person in a big way.

I get driven by plenty of things; smell, eyes, writing, intelligence, or even hunger. The fun part is when a combination of all of these leads to the creation of something pleasing to the eyes and tongue and smells nice; like you can see in the picture above.

Hungry but amazingly patient, I lovingly made these Homemade Paneer Frankies whilst giving close attention to every detail from making the stuffing, arranging the layers and also folding it right with the tissue paper. Tempted, aren’t you? 😆

Normally, I share the recipe too. But it so happens that my drive right now is only for sharing the picture. I really don’t want to trouble my fingers a lot. 😛

Daily Post prompt: Drive

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