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Commitment to your child


Days spent vastly in anticipation, and a slight dread

Looking at the word ‘leisure’ longingly from a distance

Eating habits shift from binging to conscious nutritive intake

Running for the general knowledge book to brush up for later

Pleasantly surprised to find that you still love singing rhymes

The ‘right’ you ignored before becomes a norm to follow

Merging a play date with an afternoon with friends isn’t optional

Preferences change from me or us to him/her or them overnight

Enter into it with a blank slate, barrage of advice, but learn on the job

Falter, bear, devour and cherish, all with a glint of a smile. 🙂

Parenting never came easy to anyone. Did it? 

16 thoughts on “Commitment to your child

  1. Haha…..i loved this one !! Parenting is the most demanding and challenging ,24/7, profession with no break…..and no manual what so ever. You have to write your own!! * conditions apply…….
    what worked for your elder one need not work for the younger one……so you got to write it all over again !!!!
    But the silver lining is , when you see your kids grow into fine individuals, you forget all the hardship and say, hey!! it wasn’t all that bad, was it?

    1. It is amazing how we can have two emotions for the same thing and same people at the same time na? When Angel eats chocolate her face, hands and clothes are a mess and irritate me but the smile on her face makes me break into a smile too. ????????
      I believe our kids are our biggest investment and there’s no doubt we want it to grow…not for us for itself. ☺

    1. When I heard this quote I felt it was both hilarious and true, so I decided to share it with my readers. ????
      You will be, and even if you aren’t you will figure out how. Thanks for dropping by. ☺

    1. Thank you Mary. I believe one must not beat himself up for being the best parent. It isn’t a competition. The change occurs naturally and should be accepted that way too. ????

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