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Happy Streets

Waking up early on a Sunday morning and participating in such an interesting event is always fun!

Having taken part in its edition last year, I was looking forward to Happy Streets this year as well. Senior citizens, youngsters as well as children have something or the other here that caters to them. The energy is contagious! 🙂

I will let the images do the talking for me. ☺

Zumba is always a big draw!
Diya making for Diwali

Along with this there was a Yoga Arena, meditation area and playing area for kids to do roller-blading and play badminton, football,etc. Rent free cycles were available for cycle enthusiasts. 

Apart from this there was the usual walking and jogging crowd. People who didn’t do the Zumba dance cheered on from the roadsides. The cool morning breeze and the fact that there’s a lake and garden adjoining was the cherry on the cake. 😉

Me and my friend went a little overboard with our clicking, but can’t help it. 😛 Do participate if you can in such events. They allow you to relax and rejuvenate at once. 

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  1. Firstttttttttttt…

    The first post I read was this and it says you just posted it.. ????????????

    Indeed a refreshing and brilliant way to start the day…

    1. Oh yes! I has just posted it. First you are! ????
      I came back home and immediately sat down to write..or else I would laze out like last time. 🙁 It is a lot of fun…very refreshing! ????

  2. We had a similar thing just next to our place for almost an year. It was a wonderful way to start the Sunday. Young kiddos to oldies all came along. Unfortunately now with the metro construction in that area, the event has met a full stop . ????

    1. Ohh! The Bandra one you mean? I think that was a lot more grander and participated in than this one. Too bad the event is stopped. They should find another place and continue it. A friend of mine posted pics on Whatsapp of the Yoga By the Bay thing in Marine Drive too this morning.

      1. No dear I am based at Hyderabad. We had such events in many areas here…….but they have met the same sorry status I guess!

        1. Oh! They get started with a lot of friction anyway I guess. Permissions and all. There are hardly any places for such acitivities. Sunday mornings are best. They should get more support and options from the related authorities.

  3. It must be fun! ????????????

    1. It is! A lot of fun! ????

      1. May I ask you something?
        Do you watch Bigg Boss?

        1. No yaar…I watched the first one out of curiosity. That was enough nonsense for me for a lifetime.

          1. Haha ????????????
            Btw, did you say first one as first season or first episode of season 10?

          2. Na…I meant Season 1. I saw it 2-3 times a week. Seemed interesting in the beginning…then it slipped.
            I don’t even see the introduction now, even though I like Salman.

          3. Ohhkkk… ????

          4. I take it you are a Big Boss fan? Or atleast you follow it?

          5. You can call me a fan if a fan never try to miss an episode… haha
            Actually, at first even I didn’t like it much.
            But it took my interest maybe after 6th or 7Th season. The idea of different personality people trying to stay together (or maybe trying to survive by creating problems for other player) is really good, According to Me.

          6. The concept is good, if only they didn’t stoop to low levels and create controversies to grab more eyeballs. The way they talk when they know they’re being filmed raises high doubt on their behaviour off-camera.

          7. Yeah, you’re right…
            But that’s the thing about this game: how you portray your personality in front of viewers because ultimately you have to face them…

          8. Willingly subjecting yourself to ridicule for a game and money is something I don’t understand. Self-respect should come before everything else.

          9. Yeah, you’re right Di.
            And that’s why I love players who maintain their self respect in this game. Otherwise anyone can draw audience’s attention by doing some nonsense…
            ???????? Good point Di…

          10. I’m the old-fashioned types. Give respect and get respect. Bullying or roasting anyone is out of my comfort level. Enjoy the game. ????

          11. Who said this is old-fashioned type, this is sensible type… ????

          12. Haha…the culture is fast changing…or so I see around me. It has suddenly become fashinable to rebel and be disrespectful for no reason.

          13. ???? yeah, you are right.
            Even in my class, the one who makes fun of teachers gets more attention and respect than others… *nonsense, I say*

          14. You are quite sorted and matured for your age Harsh. Most kids don’t even think of all this. I feel it is a sign of desperate attention seeking…this kind of negative behaviour. It gets you nowhere..atleast not where it matters.

          15. Yeah you’re right Di… they think they become popular but they don’t realise how it affects their image in front of teacher. And once you get a bad impression in front of teacher, I think it is the last thing any student will want…
            Haha, I am bit confused if I should say thank you or sorry… haha
            Actually, I won’t say I like to be matured, but I will surely say I like to be different.
            You know Di, its better to be weird in front of others than being one of the herd.
            Though many of my blogging friends think I am matured, but you know sometimes I act like a “tube light” haha… you know, right?

  4. wow! This seems interesting and it’s a brilliant idea. It helps a lot of people!
    Lucky you 😀

    1. Yes. The best part is that it takes place on regular roads that are cordoned off for a couple of hours. They are easily accessible. Many volunteers to help people out. Thanks Kavita. ☺

      1. I wish this happened in my city too 😀
        Happy Sunday

        1. Which city you live in? Many cities have it now. I hope you get to enjoy it too. ☺

          1. We had it on the 2nd oct only 🙂

          2. Ok. ☺

  5. An interesting concept ????

    1. It sure is. Advocating fitness in a fun way. ????

  6. Oh, this used to happen right outside our home in Aundh, Pune! Your post brought back great memories.

    1. Ya I heard Pune had such events too. I take it you enjoyed it the most then. ???? Glad I could remind you of some great memories.

  7. it’s interesting..

    1. Yes…and very enjoyable too.

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