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My dear friend! #YaaronKiBaraat

How do I begin to write about someone who I’ve looked upon with awe all my life and hoped to be somewhere half as good as she is? How can someone manage to garner streaks of jealousy from both sexes on an intellectual as well as personal level? How is it possible for someone to be so committed to her work and yet be a dependable friend whenever you need her?

Ours must be the classic clichéd case of ‘opposites attract’, because there’s no other validation as to how we even ended up becoming friends in the first place.

She was an extrovert, an army in herself and loved basking in the attention that was amply bestowed upon her. Her reputation preceded her and did her justice. I was the non-existent introvert who cowered even at the thought of being the centre of attraction by mistake. My classmates, at best, knew me.

Despite being poles apart, deep down we were both alike in one respect. I didn’t realise it and she didn’t accept it then, but we were both looking for acceptance. Our inner selves were comfortably cocooned under many layers, and slowly but surely, I’m glad that both of us managed to unravel some wonderful things about each other.

To pave way for better sense to prevail, our egos and self-importance first had to take a beating. It actually happened when she fractured her leg in an accident and I had to assist her in walking and carry her around. Used to hang out with each other only in groups till then, it was a new and exhilarating experience for both of us. She felt humbled for the favour, while I got to see how sensitive this tough girl really was.

We never looked back after that. Whether it was dressing her up for our college festival, painfully confessing to her about the skeletons hidden in my closet, sharing my poems with her, watching bad movies and bawling through them nevertheless, discovering disconcerting creepy facts about the birds and the bees, or being the only girls in a bunch of guys, we explored ourselves and evolved in our journey together.

Her unanticipated message a couple of years back saying ‘No one can take your place’ following a life-threatening health condition made me disregard the few years we lost in between due to post-graduation, marriage and kids. The fact that a part of my life, my friend and my confidante was going through such an ordeal shook me to the core. Seeing her braving it all with a smile was testimony that the spark in her was still alive! I wish I could find the mould she was set in.

Our quirks and cute fixations that irritated us no end back then seem adorable now and have a nostalgic element to them. Isn’t this how it is supposed to be anyway? Life takes us on different paths, but it is some sort of serendipity when we find our ways back. What do they say, bake your cake and eat it too, right? :):)

The cherry on that cake then would be when the celebrities we’ve seen and adored over the years recount such lovely anecdotes with their best friends, isn’t it? For the first time ever, ZEE TV  is bringing you a fun-filled chat show Vivo Smartphone presents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-powered by and Brooke Bond Red Label. Hosted by the crazy-duo Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh, it promises to put celebrity friendships through fun tests and challenges.

Tune in to ZEE TV at 8 PM on 8th October to be part of fun celebrity friendship facts.

10 thoughts on “My dear friend! #YaaronKiBaraat

          1. Yes. Know what…I asked her to read this post and she was just speechless after reading. Said that I went overboard with the praise. ????????

    1. Thanks Parijat. I would like to believe I have a few such friends…although we don’t reach out to each other often…is good to know they are there..

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