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Donald Duck's pants!

Did you ask yourself this question too as a child? Did you ask your parents or your elders about it and got shooed away when you tried to have an argument about it? What were those people thinking anyway? 😀 😛 😉

133 thoughts on “Donald Duck's pants!

    1. Some icon that didn’t display well…wait let me remove it. ????
      Ya ya…invisible pants but visible towel…so don’t cover up when you’re out but the bathroom visit needs towel! ????????????

          1. Have you observed, their furbis actually their dress. Sometimes they show Tom’s pants fall off (the grey part of his fur) and he’s actually wearing boxers. So these cartoons are all pink and fleshy and wear boxers???????????????? btw Varsh, Reds still pending with you????

          2. ???????????????????? Such partiality by nature na…why are we denied fur then? ????????????????
            Oh yes….I opened the post but the images took too long to load…will try again…saw a few though…amazing colours!! ❤❤❤

  1. YES! I did ask myself that question haha. I don’t exactly remember, but I think Donald Duck was actually banned in some countries because he didn’t wear pants.

          1. Haha…well…we are unapologetic about goofing up or being imperfect…we fool around talking nonsense….we addafy on comment sections and have fun…so yes…we are all cartoon like and so are our blogs! ????????????????

      1. Hahah… Well u can say that, I am an only child so they are always huffing n puffing around me… But seriously as a child I just accepted everything around, never questioned anything.. I think I was dumb n too naive ????????????

        1. Not dumb or naive…waiting to reach an age when you can disguise the saw questions into something intelligent so people would laud you. Naughty girl you are! ????????????????????????

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