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Donald Duck's pants!

Did you ask yourself this question too as a child? Did you ask your parents or your elders about it and got shooed away when you tried to have an argument about it? What were those people thinking anyway? 😀 😛 😉

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  1. What is :mrgreen:?
    Donald duck wears invisible pants ????????

    1. Some icon that didn’t display well…wait let me remove it. ????
      Ya ya…invisible pants but visible towel…so don’t cover up when you’re out but the bathroom visit needs towel! ????????????

      1. To wipe away excess water after using the loo and washing ???????????? I dunno why I am supporting Donald duck and his no-pants????????????

        1. ???????????????????????? It is a serious question…tom…jerry…every animal cartoon is pantless and wear towels…????????????????????

          1. Have you observed, their furbis actually their dress. Sometimes they show Tom’s pants fall off (the grey part of his fur) and he’s actually wearing boxers. So these cartoons are all pink and fleshy and wear boxers???????????????? btw Varsh, Reds still pending with you????

          2. ???????????????????? Such partiality by nature na…why are we denied fur then? ????????????????
            Oh yes….I opened the post but the images took too long to load…will try again…saw a few though…amazing colours!! ❤❤❤

          3. We do have fur but we get it removed often ???????????????? not fur actually,something like fur ????????

          4. ???????????????????? The we applies more to women…guys don’t remove unless they want to flaunt ????????????????

          5. Men are turning metrosexual lately it seems. It’s all in the papers. ????????????

          6. ???????????????? Ya…evolution is making interesting changes…guys wearing heels and makeup..etc… ????????????

          7. Ya, that song from ki and ka. Arjun Kapoor wears heels ????????????

          8. ???????????? Haha…ya…and he carries them off more gracefully than I can even dream of! ????????????

          9. I never wore heels. I think I ll fall within the first three steps if I wear one ???????????????? and he wore stilletoes if I remember????????????

          10. I wore platforms when I was in college…only flats now. Yes…they were bright red stilettos! ????

          11. Which train platform?????????????

          12. Platform 4 se jaane waali gadi. . Ab platform 6 se jayegi…

            ????????????????… ok ok ok dumb joke…

          13. ????????????????????

          14. Sab log bhago… Nahi toh train chut jayegi ????????????????

          15. Yessss… Good no heels.. else difficult to run..only platforms…????????????

          16. You wear heels?????????????? ????????????????

          17. Oh yesss. . Y not.. ????????????

          18. ????

          19. Left right left rigjt. ..

          20. Catwalk hogi heels mein…left right left nahi ????????????

          21. Ohh yeah.. I need to learn that walk. Feet in front of other and moving the hips etc etc etc….

          22. You are really learning it?? Good…learn and teach me…????

          23. I thought you both will teach me..

          24. Dream a bit realistic Biks ????????

          25. ???????????????????????? stilletoes too? You should dance to that song biks, high heels something.. Varsh knows the song. ????????

          26. Arre he is a song lover too…he will select his song…what say Bikramjit ????

          27. Have you heard this song by Fergie – clumsy. She says she’s tripping and tumbling because she’s falling in love. Biks can change lyrics to tripping and tumbling coz I am falling from the platform ????????????????

          28. ????????????

          29. Yes honey singh song. . I got that one too ..tik tok tik tok

          30. I am bad at songs. Honey Singh tops my list of “don’t listen”. ????????????

          31. Ha ha ha ..True. . I think he came with a bang and gone with a bang.. don’t hear him anymore…

          32. So it was all bang bang ???????? just like that flop movie

          33. Two of kind…

          34. Knight and day

          35. We use to be good at copying. . Now we can’t do that tooo properly…

          36. ????????????????????????

          37. Arre the inspiration should be good to begin with so we ruin something good….like Stepmom ????????????

          38. ???????????????????? same for me!

          39. Ohhhhoo…deal!

          40. Btw Varsh, remember I was supposed to give counselling to someone this Friday, my first ‘patient’ dint turn up at all. Train shuru hone se pehle hi bandh ????????

          41. Aww..howcome…may be this is a form of counselling too…figuring out why he backed out…?

          42. Don’t ask, he just won some martial arts competition. We both don’t know t of taekwondo or k of Kung fu. ????????????

          43. Yes ???????????? ????????????

          44. ????????????????

          45. They forgot to wear the platforms…

          46. ????????????????

          47. Platform 9 3/4 ????????????

          48. ???????????????? you are wearing boots!!

          49. ????????????????????????

          50. Aise gulab ka phul dikhane se driver train nahi rokne wala. Woh bolega – Madam, aaj valentine’s day nahi hai. ????????????????

          51. Arre yaar valentine’s day pe bhi koi gulab nahi deta mujhe ????????????????

          52. Good. Flowers look good on the plant, not on someone’s head or vase.????????????

          53. That’s so true. ☺????????

          54. I’m in Mumbai…ample trains and train platforms…anyone 😂😂😂😂

          55. Bangalore also has a railway station Madame ????????

          56. Not as many as Mumbai ????????????

          57. You don’t get to see Lalbagh flower show ???????? beat that ???????? why are we competing over useless stuff????

          58. Hahaha…we have Kala Ghoda here ????????
            But agree…this is useless stuff ????????????

          59. We have all flavors of Gola here ????????????????????

          60. Juhu chowpatty aaja…see colours and flavours both ????????????????????

          61. We cannot compare a sea-level place with a non.. ????????????
            So I give up ????????????

          62. ????

          63. ???????????? aum

          64. I use to wear those big cowboy shoes. Loved themm..

          65. Ahha…show show ????????????????????

          66. Ok.. I still got them.. but I dare not wear here in winters will probably slip and land on my back…????????????

          67. Ghar mein pehenke shauk poora karo and then take legfies for us ;):):):)

          68. Ha ha ha ha … ok done deal.. will do.. ????????????

          69. Yes…aa jao ????????

          70. *fur is.
            Lol, furbis sounded like twin of Nargis 😉

          71. ???????????? Hope it can be useful atleast. ????

          72. ????????????????

          73. ????????????????????????????????

          74. ????????????????????????????????????????

          75. ????????????????????????????????????????????

          76. ????????????????

          77. ????????????????????????????????

          78. ????????????????????????????????????

          79. Huhahaha. I have biceps .. invisible ones ????????????

          80. ???????????????? I have a paunch…very visible one…no smileys for that here ????????????

          81. ????????????????

  2. Martial arts.. wowow.. now that’s my kind of guy…????????????

  3. Great discussion going on here ????????

    1. Weekend mind refreshment ????????????????

      1. that too free of cost ???????? start charging blog reading ????

        1. Aur kya…see I went from brain-dead to talking nonsense so quickly ????????????????

          1. hahaha but dont forget to give special discount to mumbai readers ????

          2. What kind of special discount?? They dont want me to talk nonsense? ????????????

          3. on the contrary they want more of this nonsense ????

          4. Wahh…that’s why I love Mumbai and its readers. They have an appetite for anything!! 😂😂😂

          5. yes eating lots of vadapavs can make one digest anything ????????

          6. Ohh…so your palate finally developed the taste for spicy wada-pav? ????????

          7. it had to ????

          8. Haha…wo to hai…but you know what I haven’t had a vadapav in years… ????

  4. Dalindcy says:

    YES! I did ask myself that question haha. I don’t exactly remember, but I think Donald Duck was actually banned in some countries because he didn’t wear pants.

    1. Oh,he was banned? Really? I didn’t know that. That’s got to hurt. Ouch! ????????
      Thanks for stopping by. ☺

      1. Dalindcy says:

        You’re welcome. Actually.. I seems to be a hoax I bought into! 😛

  5. man..i didn’t notice it yet… 😉

    1. One thing learnt today then…job done for today. ☺
      Thanks for the comment Raj.

      1. hahaha..yes..thanks for sharing this post.. 🙂

        1. My pleasure. Makes me feel good I’m not the only one to come up with silly questions. ????????

          1. 🙂

    2. ha.. new GK for me too

      1. 🙂

      2. You try to figure out such life-altering topics and predicaments…this simple thing might’ve gotten missed. ????????

        1. ha ha…may be..cartoons never attracted me

          1. That cannot be true. We turn up on each other’s blogs everyday and talk

          2. ha.. you find these blogs to be cartoon like..;)

          3. Haha…well…we are unapologetic about goofing up or being imperfect…we fool around talking nonsense….we addafy on comment sections and have fun…so yes…we are all cartoon like and so are our blogs! ????????????????

  6. Reblogged this on Khayal.

    1. Oh! Thank you so much Raj. ☺

  7. God I was just watching cartoon not trying to figure out anything else ????????????…I was a simple minded child u see ????????

    1. Is it? Then I assume your parents never left you alone with the television and your stupid questions like mine! ????????????

      1. Hahah… Well u can say that, I am an only child so they are always huffing n puffing around me… But seriously as a child I just accepted everything around, never questioned anything.. I think I was dumb n too naive ????????????

        1. Not dumb or naive…waiting to reach an age when you can disguise the saw questions into something intelligent so people would laud you. Naughty girl you are! ????????????????????????

          1. ????????????????????????

  8. That’s a real question and needs a real answer. 😀

    1. Thank you! Finally someone who agrees with me. Disney people are confusing little children. Isn’t it Shail? ????????????

      1. Indeed, yes 😉 😀

        1. ????????????

  9. Reblogged this on Goin' the extra..aaamile and commented:
    We’ll never get to know the answer now…would we?

    1. Unless we contact the Disney people or the creators, no we won’t know. ????
      Thank you for reblogging. Hope someone comes up with an explanation. ????

      1. Yeah, trying to spread the word around…

        1. Good idea! ????

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