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I Love You Mom! :)

It is said that God couldn’t be present everywhere so he created a mother. Whoever said this couldn’t have been more correct, don’t we all agree? No matter what age we are in, the love and attention our mothers bestow upon us means the world to us. Now that I find myself in the role of a mother, I find that pampering all the more endearing and can relate with it from both sides 🙂
After I got married, my Mom, who until then was a complete house-wife, started associating herself with a whole lot of clubs and organizations to keep her busy and get away from the seemingly ‘empty’ home. Until then I was the one who reminded her with a bouquet of flowers and an ‘I Love You Mom’ card that it was Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day and she deserved some special treatment (not that I never got her anything on some other random day)! 🙂
Today I tasted my own medicine, and it was sweet 🙂 It so happened that my Mom’s out with some of her friends attending some seminar and had a whole agenda worked out, so I chose not to disturb her and didn’t get to speak with her properly in last two days. She, however, called me up in the morning today and completely out of the blue wished me ‘Happy Daughter’s day!’ I had a lump in my throat and wished if only I could hug her that time! Today had been just another insignificant day until then and I had no idea about this, she turned it around completely!  Sweet no!! 😀
While we’re on mothers, here’s one more from A Junior. Amongst the many things that he’s obsessed with (and which I never understand), one is his own shadow! Many times I’ve seen him dancing around and adorably watching his shadow falling on the ground and walls and moving along-with in the evening sun. Its funny but cute seeing him run after it and trying to catch it 🙂
He once clicked his own shadow too, check this out!
I hope I get to meet my Mom real soon, ‘se I badly need to feel her loving touch and warm hug. Meanwhile, those of you who are lucky enough to be near their Moms, please go tell them you love them and acknowledge what all they do for you. That’s all that means and matters to them 🙂
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11 thoughts on “I Love You Mom! :)

  1. lovely lovely post Varsh ! It so happened with me too..I really was unaware that it was daughter's day yesterday and mom called up in the morning to wish me 🙂 was an amazing feeling 🙂

  2. That was really sweet and poignant. we often don't appreciate enough all that our mothers do for us, but they never forget anything we do for them. it is sad to see many mothers living in a state of neglect today, thanks to the stresses and compulsions of modern life, when just a hug and a loving smile is all they ask for…give A junior a hug from me! he sounds adorable.

  3. @Nu: Yes you first! :)Oh Aunty wished you too!! Its feels amazing na… I was very pleasantly surprised and very happy :)@CB: Thanks CB :)My Dad does have plans of coming down I'm gonna blackmail my Mom into joining him :)Capturing shadows does sound fun, isn't it?@Humbug: Thanks :)@zephyr: Indeed…all it takes is just one small gesture or a few words of appreciation… Moms don't expect or ask for anything more… don't you think after marriage this bond grows stronger…when we come face to face with the life they've lived for us?A Junior is my life…very naughty…very sweet…very adorable..and extremely restless! Will definitely give him a hug from you.. Thanks 🙂

  4. @Comfy and T: How that I have A Junior I know how much she's done for me…I was the same restless kid..but she was a lot more patient and loving…I talk to her everyday but still miss her..They are the best!! :)@VO: Never soon as she comes back hug her and tell her you love her…you'll both feel wonderful! Welcome here 🙂

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