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Can you blame me…

….for disappearing, especially when I was out exploring these lovely places and collecting countless beautiful memories? 😀

Being a tourist has its perks, isn’t it? All you have to do is bask into the beauty of a place and take away all you can.

These are the photos from our recent trip to Mahabaleshwar. This was my 4th time there but I’m amazed at how it manages to offer something stunningly new and breathtaking every time!

Echo Point. With so much fog it was merely used for taking selfies!
This brawny visitor had everyone's attention. I'm sure he thought we all were being monkeys 😛
This road was made on Shivaji Maharaj's orders. Left road goes to Sajjangad fort in Satara while the right one goes to Pratapgad fort
Plato Point. 600 m of plateau with dense forest on all sides. It was very windy and foggy here.
Spoils of Mahabaleshwar 😛 A and the kids literally attacked it. I steered clear. :-/

In the two days we were there, one day it rained heavily and the other day had a dense fog all day. Whichever way, it was a welcome break from the scorching heat of Mumbai, anytime. Although, to be fair Mumbai did get its due while we were gone. 🙂

We came back two days ago but the vacation mood refuses to go away. I open the laptop to write but lazily give up and watch some movie instead. Typing too seems like a lot of work. How much pain my poor fingers are sustaining right now, imagine! :-D:-D

2 thoughts on “Can you blame me…

  1. The first photo is serene with the fog. The tone of the post conveys very well you all had a great time at Mahabaleshwar. It takes time to get back to schedule after a fun break. I hope the movie must have been good.

    1. It was beautiful! During rainy season it assumes a different beauty altogether, ofcourse for visitors like us. People living there have a hard time.
      The schedule seems very unpleasant now…:-( I didn’t even see the whole movie. Simply dozed off. 😉

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