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My Rainbow of Seven Years

Cheeni Kum

I absolutely fell in love with this Sugar Free Romance which was like a breath of fresh air after many in-your-face love stories which titillated at best. It was a refreshing concept with a refreshingly odd pair of Tabu and Amitabh Bachchan and I just had to see the movie. Both of them, as expected, were at their charming best, while the beautiful songs were an added bonus.

One might find it baffling as to why I’m talking about a 6-year old movie now. Easy. It lays down an ideal setting for the right tone of this post and what I’m trying to say through it. One can even say I’m using its tune to make my song more relatable. 😉

What makes the movie very special to me is the similarity between A and the character of Buddhadev Gupta played by Amitabh Bachchan. ‘Mush’ is a four-letter word they certainly find quite tiresome and superfluous and can give the finger (without giving it literally) to the person who expects it from them. Also, they don’t know how to woo a girl even if they like her desperately.

Expectations, if not met with, lead to disappointment and remorse. May be that’s why much earlier in my marriage, or even before it, I knew that making great expectations from my husband wouldn’t be the best idea. Everybody needs to be given a chance to display some spontaneity, right? Unpredictability and enigma in a partner somehow make him all the more loveable and sexy, is what I feel.

As different as we might be, I have yet to discover completely what it was that led me to fall for this tall, handsome and not-interested-in-talking-unless-you-initiate person. We’re as different as chalk and cheese and more often than not have little interest in what the other person likes. While I like to roam around and explore, A finds the comfort of his couch too good to let go. I’m all for spicy food while he likes sweets. I don’t like romantic movies while he does. Basically, I’m everything he is not, and vice versa.

Yet, I go weak in my knees every time this person flashes that sweet smile of his (which is also a trap at times to make me do something for him, which I otherwise wouldn’t). I like it when he calls me from work to check if I had my lunch or if A Jr threw any new tantrums. I like it when he agrees to come out with us for shopping even if he’s tired or bored. I like it when he gets angry when I walk on the road mindless of all the traffic, holds my hand and walks with me. I love the way he’s protective towards me yet gives me the freedom to do and be what I like and want to be. 🙂

Sweet as he is, A can be a real jerk at times too. I can never forgive him for making me watch movies like Saawariya, Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola and Kya Super Cool Hain Hum while he dozed off midway in the movie! He’s an expert in emotional atyachaar and uses it for his advantage shamelessly. He and I might be saying the same thing, but he has a compulsive need to prove that I’m wrong. He’ll offer to make a meal for us but make me promise beforehand that I have to eat it irrespective of the taste or consistency. And the worse, when I’m being hopelessly romantic he has to spill cold water on my mood, anyhow! Hmpf!!

Clichéd as it may be though, its true as always. Opposites attract. All said and done, seven years have gone by and we’re still like a newly-wed couple; exploring our relationship and growing in its shadow. We’ve given each other the warmth and stability we always craved for. For the world we might be husband and wife but we’re much more than that for each other. We’ve learnt that it’s not necessary to like each other all the time and it’s alright if we don’t. Seems like I’ve finally found maturity, yes? 😀

Cheeni Kum, possibly, but I’m diabetic for too much sweetness. My life’s perfect the way it is. 🙂 🙂

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