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Why ‘Thou shalt keep learning’ is my motto in life!

The other day I sat with Angel during her online Hindi classes. She’s in first grade and the virtual learning is proving a tad challenging while learning a new language. Added to it the constant commotion in a typical kiddo class punctuated with random chat messages and her annoyance knew no bounds (Yes, she’s a grown-up that way!). Affectionately, I egged her on to pay attention in class and assured her that I will explain again later. While talking to her I couldn’t help reflecting on Blogchatter’s commandment ‘Thou shalt keep learning’ and how it applies to us too.

Why 'Thou shalt keep learning' is my motto in life!_avibrantpalette

Blogging has evolved a lot over the years and like a diligent student I’ve tried to keep myself updated. There was a time when I wrote merely for pleasure, now I champion social causes and share recipes, fiction, sponsored posts, and reviews too. From being my passion, blogging has become a friend-finder, career option, and my means to make a small difference. I’ve been part of popular blogger communities like Indiblogger, Blogadda, and my favourite one, Blogchatter, and did some prestigious campaigns with them. I published my first book, thanks to Blogchatter’s ebook carnival. Also, I landed my first book edit through my blog and writing style. I have shared my transformation journey with my readers in detail and turned into a food-loving fitness blogger who advocates healthy eating, all in my late 30s. My learning curve has been steep and overwhelming but very fulfilling!

If it wasn’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t know what an influencer is, much less become one. In pure numbers, I might not be ‘sought out’ yet but I’m glad for what I’ve learned through it. Once extremely camera shy, I now consistently make collaboration and fitness videos. I’m still dabbling with video editing and hopefully getting better. Supportive friends like Dipika give me the confidence to be myself and also whack me when I’m dilly-dallying on the work front. God bless her! “Thou shalt keep learning’ works for me in its truest sense in this case.

I call myself the ‘Jill of all trades’ since I know a little bit of everything and everything of nothing. Is that a good or bad thing? I don’t know. I become a decorator when I select ceramics for my study, stylist while picking up my kids’ clothes, chef when I’m on a cooking spree, and a fashionista when I pout and pose in a singlet black top and tight pink skirt (Did you see my Instagram feed? 😉 ). The world is my oyster and my curious self wants to keep exploring and understanding it.

“Learn continually – there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn!” ~ Steve Jobs. The difference between great achievers and a layman is the assumption that they know everything they need to. Learning keeps our grey cells active and is the only way to expand our horizons. Isn’t this how the wheel was invented and fire breathed its way into our lives? ‘Thou shalt keep learning’ is a commandment we must all live by, isn’t it? What do you think?

This is the 800th post on my blog. Loads of gratitude to everyone who supported me in my blogging journey. Hope to keep receiving this love from you in future too! 

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon

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32 thoughts on “Why ‘Thou shalt keep learning’ is my motto in life!

  1. Thou shalt keep learning is one of my favourite commandments too. And you’re so right, without this community, I wouldn’t have written as much or made videos *gasps* but yes it has been an excellent confidence boost 😀

  2. I always call myself a learner. Same as you something that I started as a passion has now become a career option and a part of my identity. And this couldn’t have happened if I weren’t learning. With hard work and continuous learning, we cannot move forward in any field.

  3. Learning is never ending process Varsha, and I truly believe in that. While blogging yes, I have and still learning a lot from my community and readers.

  4. I could co relate with every part of this post and somewhere it is my motto of life too. learning new things make me feel happy and I want to keep this momentum on forever in my life. I feel it is the best way to keep a child alive inside us who always have a great sense of curiosity for learning and exploring new things in their own way.

  5. Learning is an endless process. One should never think of taking rest from it. The continuous process of learning reflects your zeal and capability of making your own world from better to best place by every next second. And yes Varsha I have seen your pink skirt pic on insta and I must say you are slaying girl.

  6. This resonate with me too..i too believe in lifelong learning. Infact I enroll myself in some or the other online courses every month. And yes in blogging field I too have learned a lot. Many congratulations to you Varsha and keep going.

  7. Learning is never-ending. No matter how old we get. This is what I feel and I consider myself to be a learner. We learn things in every phase of our life

  8. Learning is and should be endless. And when it comes to blogging, the world is too vast to know everyone. 5 years of blogging and I still feel the need to learn just like a newbie.

  9. Learning is life’s biggest and most trustworthy commandment. If we stop learning, it is the end of our personal development. I also believe in keep improvising, there is nothing in the world that cannot be learned or mastered.

  10. Congratulations for the 800th post and making your blog so well. You have really championed many categories of writing. And yes learning is very important in each phase and glad you are doing it with dedication.

  11. Learning has no age and time. We all are growing each day with new things that we learn. Yes blogchatter as a platform has give us a great boost to write great content.

  12. Honestly I am jill of all trades as well. But you are faring at it much better than me. Learning is truly a lifelong process and one who stops learning heads to failure.

  13. Wow, 800th post. Congratulations and what a fabulous topic you chose to write about. Learning never ends no matter which field we are in. May you keep shining and keep writing wonderful blogs 🙂

  14. Wow Varsha, first of all congrats on 800th post. That is a milestone in itself. So happy to be reading this post and so happy that you didnt forget to name the one who stood by you in this journey of being an influencer and blogger. Dipika indeed is a wonderful human being 🙂 May you reach newer heights.

  15. I would gladly call myself as a learner, i make sure to learning something new regularly . It gives ms a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

  16. We learn something new every moment. The more we learn, the more we become curious and energetic. I have to see your pink skirt picture.

  17. Yes I had seen your insta pick in an amazing new avatar and loved it so much. I feel, most of modern women are “Jack of all trades” and they have an incredible capability to try out new things with ease and perfection.

  18. First of all Congratulations Varsha on your 800th post , it is a big feat and commendable !
    I agree with you and believe that we stop living when we stop learning !

  19. You have shared an important life lesson..apart from this I love how you cherish your friendships and how you support each other.

  20. It’s definitely so relatable. I slug been into writing since a long time but engaging here in a community has been great from sometime back that I joined. Keep going nd let’s keep d learning window open.

  21. 800th post! My god! Mind-blowing! Total respect! So inspiring! And yes, I totally agree with what you have written. The post totally resonated with me. More power to you!

  22. Learning surely should be a continuous process. Even mobile application are updated time to time so why not us. Thanks for this motivating piece.

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