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My first Marathi poem ~ Bhijle Paavsat Mi

Hi friends! Marathi is a beautiful language and although it isn’t my mother tongue I’ve loved and learned it from school days. Thanks to my lovely neighbours, I have quite a few famous titles at my disposal to read too. However, apart from essays and letters I never ventured into writing anything in Marathi for fear of messing it up. Although I’ve written quite a few poems in English and Hindi, this is my first Marathi poem. After all, rains bring out the romantic in us, right? Adding the translation for non-Marathi readers as well. Hope you like it! 🙂

Marathi poem_avibrantpalette

भिजले पावसात मी

भिजले पावसात मी, आज ओली चिंब झाले.

अन भावनांना जुन्या जसे नवे उधाण आले.

रेनकोट घातला असला तरी वाचू शकले नाही,

तनामनावर आवर आज मी घालू शकले नाही.

गाडी वेगळी होती आणि दुसरी होती जागा,

एकटेपणाचा राहून राहून करत होते त्रागा.

डोळे लाल झाले होते पावसाच्या थेंबांनी,

हॅन्डल सुटत होते गाडीचे ओलसर हातांनी.

लक्ष नव्हतं तरी माझं तुझ्याशिवाय कश्यावर,

खरंच नव्हतास का रे तू गाडीच्या आरश्यावर?

आज पण मी एकटी पण सोबतीला पाऊस आहे,

मिठी मारून, जवळ घेऊन, तो मला भुलवित आहे.

तुझा विचार आला पण मी मोकळ्यापणाने हसले,

तुला प्रेम करण्यात खरं मी स्वतःला हरवून बसले.

पावसाच्या थेंबांनीच भिजू देते आज ओठांना,

कोणाची का होईना पण माझी एकूलतीच मी, हो ना?

Translation of Marathi poem:

In the rain, I got drenched today

Old feelings flooded in like a new storm.

I couldn’t save myself through the raincoat,

My heart and mind were out of control too.

The vehicle was different and so was the place,

And I was whining away about my loneliness.

My eyes were bloodshot with raindrops,

The scooter handle slipped through my damp hands.

Yet, all my attention was on nothing but you.

Was your image in the mirror really not true?

Today too I’m alone and the rain’s giving me company.

Hugging me close, it’s playfully distracting me.

I laugh out freely whenever your thought comes up,

I had lost myself completely in you, had I not?

I’m getting my lips soaked wet with raindrops instead,

Why someone else, I’m enough for me, yes?

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12 thoughts on “My first Marathi poem ~ Bhijle Paavsat Mi

  1. Wow Marathi Poem. I agree marathi is a beautiful language . I had stayed in Pune and Nagpur for many years , so this is close to my heart as well. loved your poem and it is amazing that you are trying out new things so beautifully.

  2. You know what, I just started learning with my little one and enjoying this. I tried reading in Marathi your poem but seems like I need more time. Beautifully written!!

  3. Thankfully I had spent some years in the city of Bombay , so I could appreciate your poetic expressions about the rains , it really was so beautifully written. I look forward to more !

  4. Wow Varsha you are indeed multi talented women. I loved reading Marathi after such a long time. There is peace in the words of your poem that can be felt in the heart. Lovely words. Keep up the great work.

  5. Wow! Varsha, you have written it so well. You should try this more often. Rain brings so many memories , some that makes us laugh but some makes us sad too.You have penned it down beautifully.

  6. First of all congratulations on venturing into writing a poem in Marathi! And what a beautiful one at that! I don’t know Marathi but I loved reading the translation!

  7. Wow a poem in Marathi. It is my favorite regional language. And the theme of poem is apt with the season going on. Thanks for the english translation it eased the reading.

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