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Tips to Maximise the Benefits of Flax Seeds for Hair

The hair care industry has done many great things for our hair, but one of the best ones include making the most use out of organic, everyday ingredients for hair solutions. Whatever your hair problem might be, there is a natural ingredient out there that will solve it for you, and among them, flax seeds benefits for hair are second to none. Flax seeds have been deemed a magical ingredient when it comes to hair problems, so not putting the flax seeds in your pantry to good use would just be unwise.

Flax seeds, a type of seed obtained from flax plants, are densely packed with many macros, micronutrients, vitamins, and omega-three fatty acids, that work in favour of your hair. Along with contributing to good hair health, they are also very beneficial for one’s physical health. As flax seeds benefits for hair are extensive in hair regrowth, hair maintenance and damage control, one should make the most out of this inexpensive, easily available and beneficial natural ingredient. Here are some tips you should remember to maximise the flax seeds benefits for hair:

  • Flaxseed Gel: Regular application of flaxseed gel plays an important part in keeping your hair conditioned and healthy. Making this gel every day can become hectic, but fortunately, flaxseed gel lasts easily up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator, so stock up on it!
  • Raw Flaxseed: While there is no doubt that flaxseed products are great for hair, you can also benefit from eating them raw. It has a nutty, mild flavour that tastes good by itself as well as sprinkled on salads or other food items.
  • Flaxseed Oil: Flaxseed oil, easily available in stores, works much better when applied at a warm temperature. After the application of oil, wrap your hair up in a warm towel for about 30 minutes to allow the oil to seep deeper into your follicles.
  • Crushed Flaxseed: Another way to up your intake and, in turn, maximise the flaxseed benefits for hair is to mix flaxseed powder in your foods. You can turn it into a fine powder at home itself after roasting them slightly and add a spoonful to cake mixtures, smoothies, etc.
  • DIY Flaxseed Recipes: Most flaxseed DIY mask or gel recipes are extremely easy and take up almost no time. They are great for all hair types, so make sure you try these out instead of getting store products for the complete, unadulterated flaxseed benefits for hair.

Flaxseed is one of the most highly recommended natural ingredients that you can use to boost hair health. From masks and hair oils to hair gels and supplements, flaxseed is beneficial in all forms. It can have some mild side effects like stomach pain, but in such cases, it’s always better to take a doctor’s advice. One-stop destinations for all information about such topics are always available at your service, and Traya is one of the best options. Take a look at Traya to learn about flaxseed benefits for hair in complete detail, along with the best ways to use it for your hair.

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13 thoughts on “Tips to Maximise the Benefits of Flax Seeds for Hair

  1. Cant agree more on benefits of flaxseeds. I have experienced it for skin and hair. I make flax seeds gel and use it for air and skin. Making my own gel gives me the satisfaction of using 100% organic.

  2. Flax seed has done wonder to my hair I feel,, I prefer to use the flax seed oil to massage my head , very effective. Let me try preparing mask using flax seed. Seems excellent way too

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  4. I am so happy to know that flax seeds are good for hair, this is new to me and never tried before. I love home made DIY and organic products a lot.

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  6. Flax Seeds are known for their attributes as a superfood. But they have so much use in hair care too. These are some really useful tips to harness the goodness of flax seeds for hair care.

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  10. I have been using flax seeds for consumption for its benefits for a while now. however I didnt knew it has such amazing benefits for hair as well. Will try some of the things you have mentioned here in the post.

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