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Security and warmth

My darling babies,

As I write this, you are both snuggled up with each other and fast asleep. This is how you’ve learned to sleep nowadays. Although Angel has changing preferences in respect of choosing which member of our family gets to put her to sleep everyday, of late she has almost entirely become partial towards her big brother.

The routine is the same. Mamaji got separate Chhota Bheem and Angry Birds quilts for both of you, but I guess it is more fun to wrestle over Chhota Bheem since both of you hold one corner of the quilt and don’t let go. Me and Papa turn a blind eye to this because we know that soon enough you call it a truce and realise that sharing it is a less-violent option. 🙂

I keep teasing that Angel is the cute girl that I wished A Jr was as a child, and it’s true. You two look starkly similar, and good. A Jr is over the moon when I dress Angel up in any of his carefully preserved outfits, while Angel is a girl and well, always happy to be wearing something new. 😀

She is more than two years old now and during this time the way your relationship has grown is both awesome and envious. From the little toy that she was as an infant she has now become a person for you that you love, protect, care for, get worked up with and even get jealous about.

For her, you are her playtime-buddy and partner in crime, who can fetch the cookie jar, chocolates or her favourite chivda whenever she wants. You are her entire world right now. As parents we look after her, but it is you she seeks out for fun. She’s a faded reflection of her boisterous self when you go out and lightens up the moment she sees you! 🙂 🙂

You two scuffle for a single piece of chocolate like Tom and Jerry (which by the way, you simply love watching together!), but let any of us reprimand any one of you for anything and you immediately gang up on us! :-/ 😛 Angel cannot tolerate tears in her brother’s eyes and will go and cajole him, hug him and kiss him and wipe them away with her tiny hands, while A Jr will cradle her in his arms tenderly when we refuse her anything she’s too small or naïve for and creates a ruckus about.

Seeing you together makes my heart swell with pride, and why shouldn’t it? Being a mother of two such beautiful, adorable and affectionate kids is any woman’s dream. The bond between you two is amazing and I hope it only strengthens and grows with time. Papa (who doesn’t have a sister) looks at you two with palpable awe and mush, and probably secretly misses this feeling.

By the way, I want you to remember this. Mom doesn’t like sweets much, but A Jr is her rasgulla and Angel is her rasmalai (which she eats off their cheeks everyday) 😛 , always. 🙂

Love you two, my darlings.

Hugs and kisses,


17 thoughts on “Security and warmth

  1. Very well written dear. The way you describe the different aspects of sibling love is adorable. Your sibling is your best buddy to whom can fight and adore for entire life.

  2. You have really poured love through your write up. It is genuine, expressive and full of unconditional love. The emotions are so true and relatable. I liked it a lot.

  3. You poured our your heart in this post Varsha.
    “Being a mother of two such beautiful, adorable and affectionate kids is any woman’s dream.” This is sooo very true. I am a m of ama doubles. And they are 8 years apart but they share the exact same bond. Even if we are there for them but they seem each other’s help when in need.:-) that’s what is sibling bond.. isn’t it?

  4. Aww this is so cute and adorable, loved reading it. specially the ending of post was so beautiful. I am a mommy of two beautiful girls and feel the same as you had mentioned here. they are my reason to smile and feel good everyday,..indeed motherhood is beautiful and we all blessed to have such adorable kids in our lives.

  5. Beautiful letter, touched my heart, I can really understand your emotions while penning this, stay blessed forever all of you 🤗🤗

  6. You are just like me. I don’t enjoy sweets either but bite their cheeks every single day. My daughter has already lost her chubby cheeks but my son still has them. Hehehehe

  7. Aww! So sweet. This is called the exact sibling bond, partners in crime. They know how to solve their purpose. I and both my kids enjoy sweets but my hubby doesn’t.

  8. Your letter to the kids is so full of genuine love and affection that the words really warmed my heart too.This is writing straight from the heart -pure and beautiful !

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