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Even in my worst I’m best with you, Yeah! #ThankfulThursdays

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We never know when, where and how we will run into them. We may take a fair amount of time to completely decipher what ticks them. We will have our share of furious disagreements with them. We may be as different from them as chalk and cheese.

Yet, being with them will assure us that we belong.  They will be the ones we seek out whenever we’re in distress or need a shoulder to cry on. These all-purpose, all-weather and all-relations-inclusive people can be no other than our friends! 🙂


I was always affable, yet making friends was never easy for me. I was over-sensitive, insecure, and found it exceedingly difficult to take any teenage fun pranks on my chin. My self-consciousness would’ve driven me into agonizing isolation but for some precious people who came my way and held my hand, never to leave it.

During every stage of life I was blessed with at least one person who helped me grapple the challenges life chose to throw at me. I see a tiny reflection of each one of them in my personality. Refuting body shaming thoughts, standing my ground under any circumstances, grieving but moving on in life and most of all, believing in myself and my capabilities was what they hammered into my mind, albeit affectionately.


G deserves a special mention in this #ThankYouNote post. I met this fireball when I was in seventh grade. We lived in different cities and had little in common but the moment we met, we became best friends. He was everything I was not; confident, jovial, effervescent and famous. He was as protective of me as I was in awe of him. We fought and made up, everyday. However, like fire and ice we couldn’t exist together for long. 😀

Twenty three years later, we still haven’t grown out of that phase. Although confessions about crushes are now replaced with those of spouses and kids and instead of sneaking out for movies we now look forward to spending time alone with friends, we know that our relationship is far from any pretence. There are no screens between us. He was the first person to suggest professional writing to me and has never allowed me think less of myself. Thank you, G. I owe you a lot. <3

Ours was an arranged marriage but A is no different from my college mates who pulled my leg at every given opportunity. Even though he’s a husband and a father now, he goofs around the house with the kids in tow. We dance, sing and watch cartoons together. Would it be a cliché if I say that my family is my friend? I had a beautiful relationship with my mother and wish to have the same with my kids. Mom will send me her blessings, I’m sure. 🙂

With this post I’m also trying to convey my gratitude to all those who’ve stood with me through thick and thin, have suffered and survived my unpredictable temperaments, have counselled me countless times (without getting paid for it, ouch! 😛 ) and are still just a call away. You are all my favourite people. What would I do without you? <3

P.S : Nothing else drives the point home better than FRIENDS Quotes. Agree? 🙂

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38 thoughts on “Even in my worst I’m best with you, Yeah! #ThankfulThursdays

  1. Thats a complete post in all respect! Agree you these bunch of special people, our friends are always a call away… or sometimes we dont even need to call them. They just appear as if knowing everything!
    A very engaging and spirited read!

  2. I simply loved your post. All the more because it’s about being thankful for what we have. I also loved one line in your post where you have mentioned that your family is your friend. It’s not cliched at all and absolutely correct in my eyes. Beautifully written post.

  3. Really beautifully written post. Loved reading it. I just love the concept of thanksgiving day. A day to thanks all who are special in our life. we should be thankful to everyone. Great read

  4. What a beautiful post this is, it kept on giving me a smile, thanking so many people in life. I love thanksgiving , since it is a day to really acknowledge some people in life.

  5. That’s so sweet…we all have special people in our lives and it’s a good idea to express gratitude always

    1. I LOVE FRIENDS TOO!!! ????????????
      How are you, my dear Panda? How’s school? Enjoying? Long time!
      Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you too. 🙂

  6. 🙂 I guess you have grown to be a confident person thanks to such wonderful people around you and this confidence reflects in your writing, as well as, in your acceptance of your flaws as a teen.Stay blessed, Varsh <3

  7. FRIENDS – I wonder what life would be without them? A Waste I guess. Friends are life and I am fortunate to have few such wonderful treasures in my life.
    Gratitude – worth telling them – Yes you are special, and better be that way 😉 Lovely post Varsha. And yes I absolutely agree to our brainy Ms. Pheobe

    1. Life is better with friends, how true. Nothing can come close to the bond we share with them, so much so that we try to befriend our parents and partners too! ????
      Thanks for your lovely comment, darling. Means a lot to me.

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