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55 Non-fiction~ Kitchen Nostalgia

“Pay close attention! You’ll need it someday.” she said, exasperatedly.

“Why? You are making it for me!” I retorted and waived it off.

Forlornly, today I missed the familiar sight and aroma of Mom making my favourite pickle.

Armed with memories and an expert’s lineage, I created my version.

Did I do it right, Mom?

13 thoughts on “55 Non-fiction~ Kitchen Nostalgia

  1. Varsha, your picture and your words got me going down to another place, another time into the world of nostalgia. The picture of your ‘achaar’ has got my taste buds tickling. Is it not strange that we take it all for granted when we pretend that we have got it all when moms are around and teaching us the ‘shortcuts’ and the ‘magical secrets’ of getting our culinary practices and recipes just right and it actually hits us years later. To this day, I do not get that perfect ‘achaar’ or that perfect ‘chakli’ right. My children are used to the strangely twisted and my ‘imperfect’ creations so they also don’t complain 😉
    I hope this one touched the authentic taste!

  2. I have been married since 8 yrs and it’s been almost 14 yrs out of mom’s home (studies, job) till date the gajar-gobi pickle taste is something lingers in my memory always. Your picture post took me back to the days when I would sneak in kitchen to pick those delicious delights and later make such innocent face of who, what, why, huh… hahah memories.
    BTW, pickle looks awesome..

    1. I liked the pickle masala more, so my mom would diligently make extra masala for me…very spicy…and then reprimand me for eating too much of it! ????
      Those memories are priceless. Feels so helpless now. All I think of now is to create similar memories for my kids…
      The pickle was not as good as mom obviously, but good enough. Husband liked it too. ☺

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