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Gulabjamun and Woman

โ€‹What does gulabjamun and a woman have in common?

They are both sinfully tempting, not everyone’s cup of tea yet mostly loved and lusted for (depending upon the drool quotient of a person) by everyone and beckoningly sweet (alright, this is debatable).

The most important thing though is that despite the inclusion of a certain ‘gulab’ and ‘man’ in their spelling, they are both fiercely unique and independent of their partial name-bearers. 

When I say I love gulabjamun, by no way do I mean that the gulab in it has any influence on my liking for it. Similarly, when we like, love or appreciate a woman, it is entirely owing to her own individuality. Nothing else.

After being flooded by messages everywhere on social media and chat groups yesterday on occasion of International Women’s Day, mostly by women, about how ‘There is a man in every woman’, honestly, beyond a certain limit I got tired of the whole drama. 

I had done a post about International Men’s Day some time back. A had simply waved it off, and I believe most men do that. Granted. Although, I do wonder if they acknowledged it and decided to celebrate, would they valiantly say that ‘A man exists even in a woman’? I guess not. 

I agree that the world is incomplete without both the sexes, but we are both complete within ourselves. I would give a slight edge to women here, since they are naturally more stronger within, nurturing and caring than men. 

I am a woman and proud to be one. Yes, the men in my life are priceless for me, but in my own, I believe I am, and every woman too, the entire world.

12 thoughts on “Gulabjamun and Woman

  1. Seriously Varsha have to clear up a major chunk of women’s day forwards ????.
    At times I feel men are pretty simple and like to live life that way. Women actually love being pampered with everything ????.
    I guess both complement each other and yet they are complete in themselves!

    1. You got exactly the point I was trying to make Radhi. Hugs for it!

      I wonder why we want to feel different and yet keep reminding ourselves, and everyone else, that we extensions of men. We are both creations of nature and here to complete the picture. Why complicate things any further?

  2. Very well said, V! Loved your comparison of the women and gulag jamuns????!
    I am in absolute agreement that both sexes complement one another but we are complete in ourself as much as every individual is!
    Wishing you happiness today and everyday!

    1. This comparison came to my mind out of the blue, but I reckoned that it made sense. Women say they want to be free and independent and yet end up pulling themselves back by screaming the apparent. It achieves nothing. Does it?
      Wish you the same, my dear. Be healthy and happy always. ????

  3. I agree with whatever you said here, but with a slight disagreement. This race/comparison between men and women is historical and still a going-on battle. I am actually planning to publish a post on the same, on how this could-be beautiful thing has turned into a sour rivalry.
    But yeah, I like the association of women with Gulabjamun and its justification. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I didn’t mean to term or project it as a rivalry. Both compliment each other, and it is true for all living beings. Sometimes with their own interpretations and experiences people tend to generalise the whole gender, and that too in an extreme way. That is what I don’t agree with.

      Ah well, women are sweet. Are we not? We deserve a little bit of self-importance, yes? ????????

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