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Like the lighting and the exposure need to be just right for the perfect shot, we must make sure that our thoughts and beliefs are just right to live our lives fully.  

By exposing our vulnerabilities we open ourselves to hurt, but by showing tenderness and compassion we can be the dependable spouse, friend, son, daughter, parent or be perfect in any other relation we are a part of. 

All that matters is how well we understand and dedicate ourselves to them.

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  1. There is so much of wisdom in this post Di!
    Happy writing! ????

    1. Giving away wisdom comes easily to me. It is the execution that proves trying. ????

      How are you, Harsh?

      1. I am amazing Di!!
        Rocked in my exams, that’s why Panda is always smiling looking at people, and sometimes they think I am planning against them… haha

        1. Ahha!! Cute and intelligent panda. You are becoming Po now! ????

          So proud of you, Harsh!

          1. Yeah, the dragon warrior!!

          2. Hahaha…your superpower is your pen! ????????

          3. Haha, not neglecting my laptop though…

          4. That’s like a good boy. Multitasker. ????????

  2. We are, after all, in control of our own exposure. Let’s exercise it consciously! 😉 xoM

    1. True. Depends on how well we let down our guard and control.

      Thanks for the comment Margarita. ☺

  3. Very inspiring and thoughtful post to share. Exposing our Our vulnerability sure invites hurt.

    1. Thank you so much eddaz. ☺

      1. You are welcome!

  4. Well expressed.

    1. Thanks for reading Sudalai. Glad you liked it. ☺

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