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The Brothers #WoWe

Harish, Girish and Jagdish were brothers and wished they weren’t. Their abject poverty made them see each other as loathed competitors. They reluctantly allowed each other claim on the rare morsels of food their alcoholic father provided them. Their mother left them in the dead of the night few years ago for which they were mocked endlessly.

The unfortunate teenagers stepped into the world of crime without much deliberation. Strangely, it united them. It all started with petty thefts and chain-snatching but they were soon regular visitors of the police station for battery and extortion.

They hit jackpot one day when they realised that a man they were sent to kidnap was loaded with cash. Blinded with greed, they slayed him and made away with the booty instead.

While their ‘masters’ frenetically sent search teams in their pursuit the brothers reached an abandoned mansion outside their town. A rusted key hung on a tattered pole outside. They grabbed it and found their way in.

The sight inside stopped them dead in their tracks. A gang of drug-dealers was animatedly operating in its headquarters, and they didn’t like visitors.

“Kill them!” and three gunshots were the last thing the brothers heard.

Words: 200

Written for the #WoWe prompt hosted by Mayuri and Rashi

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38 thoughts on “The Brothers #WoWe

    1. Know what Tulika, after I read it I felt it had the James Hadley Chase kind of quality. Of course, Bollywood is known to heavily borrow from the west. 😛

      Thanks for reading. Nice to see you on my blog! 🙂

    1. How true, Vishal. Poverty and greed can lead people to commit heinous crimes without thinking about their repurcussions. Nots ure if we can feel sorry for them.
      Thanks for reading, glad to see you on my blog after a long time! 🙂

  1. Gripping and thrilling, I love your take on the prompts. It’s not easy to build a story with words limitation, kudos.

  2. Alas, we often meet our end/fate at unexpected places. Very different take on the prompt, Varsha. Thanks so much for writing in. XOXO.

  3. Framing a fiction and taking it to the climax in just 200 words is not easy. But you kept it crisp from the beginning.
    Poverty coupled with lack of guidance and support from parents can lead people to choose wrong paths. But as they say, muft me mili cheeZe raas nahi aati..same happened with the brothers.

  4. This reminded me of good old time Bollywood action films. I honestly felt the characters felt a little bad for the characters but the end was well-deserved.

  5. Great creativity. The story is short yet gripping till the end. I was expecting some miracle as they already suffered enough at such young age, but the twist you added has an X factor for sure.

  6. Wow this is nice. The story as well as the initiative. I would love to have topics to write on and would love to take part in this.

  7. A poignant take of childhood trauma lost opportunity, life of crime and untimely loss of life.You did justice to the prompt with this story.

  8. That was an unexpected end, all that they were doing came back to them when they had no where to run or hide. Loved the interpretation!

  9. Poverty , alcohol , drug dealers , robbery looks like you have picked all the ingredient of an bollywood masala movie .. Happy writing .

  10. What an action-packed short story. I was expecting some more drama. But the message is very apt that crime never pays. Loved you take on this prompt.

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