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Sensitive people are often considered dramatic or attention-seekers. While it might ring true with some, I believe that there’s certain prejudice attached with this word. Being sensitive isn’t a bad thing. Period.

When someone feels deeply about something and sheds tears, then he/she is being a cry-baby. If something unfortunate has happened but he/she isn’t showing signs of depression or hysteria, then it is insensitive on their part.

How can anyone decide what is or isn’t the right way to feel or express? Just like everyone’s fingerprints are different, so are the wirings of their brain and heart. They do what they do because it seems right to them.

I’m emotional and overthink or overreact at times, but that is who I am. Unless someone can enter my mind and see what torment I go through for seemingly unimportant issues, I should be spared from any sermon.

For people who know me I’m a damaged incorrigible emotional wreak, but a dependable person nevertheless. Those who don’t know me, well, why bother about them? My life and my challenges are my concern and I’m capable of handling them well.

31 thoughts on “Sensitivity

  1. good to read this :). however i wish to add one thing here. things are not as simple as to categorize them as “people who know me will accept” and “i dont care about people who dont know me”. there are people who may know you well and even related who might knowingly or unknowingly try to pin blame on you for even a justified reaction citing “your sensitivity makes you react that way ” even when we (sensitive people) are fully justified in displaying that reaction irrespective of their sensitivity…and the funny thing might be even they might confuse us into thinking whether our sensitivity was responsible for our reaction and we were more to blame than other person 🙂

    1. Life is never simple, is it? Matters that affect both our mind and heart but on different levels are even tougher to handle.
      Honestly, I think I’ve grown over the stage where what anyone thinks or makes me feel really matters to me. Temporarily it might, but I feel sorry for them for not getting me.
      Yes, sometimes things are clearer to strangers than it is for our close ones, and it is only natural. A one-off experience and continuous exposure cannot be compared.

  2. We’re generally very quick to remark about and label people are one or the other, right? Why can’t our moods swing like the pendulum. And circumstances may have something to do with our reactions too right? 🙂

    1. That’s what. We can feel everything or nothing in one given day. We don’t need to be bracketed or limited. Circumstances play a bigger role than we can imagine. We don’t give them enough credit.
      Thanks for the comment Sid. ☺

    1. It isn’t in our hands, is it? We cannot change the way we are made. Yes, if it gets us hurt then we can try and work towards not letting us ruin our peace.

    1. Exactly. Wish it was easier for people to accept that people can be very different and feel different things about the same thing.
      Glad you liked it Vinitha. ☺

  3. I am one sensitive woman…..and I hate myself for being so sensitive. You get emotionally stabbed by people all the time. I am making a lot of effort to come out of that mould……so far only marginal improvement????

    1. I hear you. I only believe now that people who understand our emotions and value them for what they’re worth should only be allowed to enter the depths of our heart. It takes time, but it helps to guard ourselves.

  4. I WISH wish wishhhhhhhh I can stop being sentimentaly – emotional idiot.. I call myself that because sometimes when i stop and think of all that has been going on or Gone I do feel like a idiot. I dont know what to do …

    after so many knocks every now and then i dont learn but then I beleieve that THATS me .. if I change then I wont be ME.. Also as my dad use to say and tell me that I should keep smiling because at least I have given a lot to others and NOT taken .. not many can say that … especially when it comes to monetary ways…

    You be the way you are .. 🙂 take care

    1. People play games with sensitive people and use them very well knowing how mean and wrong it is. It is their own fault…and am sure they cannot sleep peacefully at night due to the conscious or subconscious guilt of it.
      Kisika bhala karo to bhalai kabhi na kabhi zindagi mein wapas aayegi. Isn’t it Bikram? ????

      1. I don’t know what to say to that. I am waiting for that bhalai to come my way ..

        I don’t know it is true that they can’t sleep properly..

        Anyway who cares if they do or don’t as long as I sleep properly…

        1. Bikram…the way we perceive or understand things is different. If something good happens we think it is destiny…isn’t it possible that it is a par of this bhalai coming back?
          Everyone pays for their wrong deeds. Uparwale ki lathi mein awaz nahi hoti…

          1. True .. True. . But abhi tak lathi mere oopar hi baras rahi hai .. He he he he

            I hope it stops soon. . God knows how many bad things I have done.. in this or previous life.. but I just want it to end now.. ????????????????????????????????

  5. For the longest time… wasn’t sensitive to anything n now i am… can cry on anything now… frankly being sensitive only hurts us more, than the other person… however crying is still perceived as a weak person…

    1. Sensitive people have empathy which others don’t easily have. Now, that isn’t a bad thing. Is it? Crying and sensitivity might be related but they aren’t the same. Some people never cry but have a tender heart. A for example. Sensitive makes us human na…or we would be robots.

      1. Agree crying n sensitivity r diff… I have both all d more bad..Hheheh… Empathy n Sensitive go hand in hand… n god knows this world needs more of us than anyone else… There is so much of indifference frankly n one of the reasons why so much hatred n no understanding…

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