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The Forbidden Fruit

Man has always been tempted by the forbidden fruit. We can conveniently blame Lucifer for enticing Eve with it back then, but the fact is that curiosity, hunger for thrill and adventure or the sweet craving of disobedience is what really makes the forbidden fruit all the more alluring.

Is our inclination towards artists across the border an example of it? Why are we so bent on making them act, croon, write or create music for us when we have an ocean of untapped talent and potential in our own country? 

If it is about variety then Pakistan isn’t our only neighbour. Why not give people from Bhutan, Bangladesh or Myanmar an opportunity too? They certainly have a lot to offer in terms of good-looking actors or soulful singers, I believe. North-east hasn’t been explored, ever.

Investing crores of rupees in them and then using it as an excuse to garner support from our own countrymen seems like a tardy business decision. They come to India for the dizzying popularity and unbelievable moolah involved. On home turf, they probably don’t amount to much.

Our movies have an appeal worldwide. Why don’t our filmmakers decide and use this medium to make an unambiguous point that our soldiers spend and sacrifice their lives making? We can’t offer them a red carpet welcome when they shoot, burn and bombard us covertly.

14 thoughts on “The Forbidden Fruit

  1. There are 2 reasons why they do it.

    1. There is money flowing in from that country to make that movie and it’s obviously a part of the deal. You need money for your film, you take our actors too… That’s why they call it a package deal 😉

    2. Their actors means you get their audience too So for the film to do well and make enough money “worldwide” , you need that audience otherwise you’ll lose them to piracy.

    These film makers don’t give darn about the country. They don’t care if a soldier dies. All they need is money.

    1. Hmm…very valid points. Investing money in movies has always been taking place. What better way to strike a deal and make good money while doing it right? Win-win situation for both.
      When these people make patriotic movies it is like a slap on the face of our people and defence system.

  2. Some people advocate it because they feel common man or artist from pakistan is not to blame for what its establishment does and so they want to continue cultural exchange. but is seems there is always a limit to everything and unless pakistan artists and intelligensia too bear the brunt they wont be vocal about terrorist action of its army.

    1. It is true that decisions are made in the corridors of power and it is the common man on both sides that bears the brunt of it. The thing is, the common man there is being utilised for covert terrorist operations by being misled or misinformed more than we can imagine.
      At such a stage we need to establish clear boundaries on where our loyalties lie. The artists there don’t have the simple freedoms of speech or expression and try to use world platforms for speaking about it. They are curbed a lot. Well then, their country their rules. But if it involves us we can’t be mute spectators.

  3. Aah! The hot topic… should they or shouldn’t they…the actors are already powerful n have tons of money, the greed for more makes them come to India… though the film industry can state that they are using their platform to build cordial relations, but when the two countries are almost at the brink of end, how can Indian film fraternity not side their own country n soldiers… Are they over n above the loyalty of their own countrymen??

    1. There are so many ends to this discussion…some say we shouldn’t mix culture with politics. My question is why is this only related to one country? Why isn’t there talk about cultural exchange with other countries too?
      Again, I also don’t believe in arm-twisting a producer and stalling his film’s release. This isn’t about patriotism. We can grant not giving them a platform in India in future, but what is done is done.

      1. Even I don’t agree with stalling of d film… unnecessarily taking it too far… as far as giving only one country d preference though not right but then I was ok with it, as it was a good platform to bring two countries age old feud to an end..
        But now when even we have had it enough, when we are almost declaring war with them… then no…take a stand to be with ur country…

        1. Right. See, the feud will come to an end when there are efforts from both sides. When they show no sign of retribution, it isn’t fair for us to extend an olive branch every time.
          Politics takes over and absorbs everything into it. Nothing can be spared from it. The hunger to demonstrate power and control makes people blind and unreasonable.

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