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When you miss someone..

What do you mean when you say you miss someone? You miss their smile, their voice, their concern, their conversations or simply the security of having them around you? 

Is that all there is to a relation? Do we always need assurances in the form of continued physical presence, a warm hug or other discernible gestures of love? Is it enough?

Some bonds live and mature much beyond all this. They don’t need to stand the test of time or being, because they are omnipresent. They stay with you and give you strength to carry on with your life battles.

Like the one I have with my mother. I feel her around me when I’m feeling low and I know she wouldn’t want me to be like that. I know she’s looking down on me fondly and requesting God to be kind to me. Aren’t you?

Miss you, Mom. 😟

24 thoughts on “When you miss someone..

  1. Yes .. she is definitely looking on you..

    You are right it’s not the physical presence.. but as you say it everything the smile.. The look.. or even the thoughts because when you do something right or wrong you immediately realise what would they have said ….

    Take care …

  2. Your post reminds me of the song “Mohabbat hai yeh, jee huzoori nahin” – the words of the song mean freedom in a relationship and can apply to any relation in the world.
    Of course memories keep a person alive and you have kept your mom alive through fond memories. Remember her with a smile.

    1. Ofcourse…any relation needs to be nurtured and let free at the same time. Her memories are all I have now…and they are very precious. Thank you for your kind words. ☺

    1. True. She was always so encouraging..and also most critical of me. ???? I loved her and was terrified of her as well. I hope she is happy wherever she is. Thanks Radhika. ☺

  3. That you two were always close when she was physically here should comfort you or may be cause more pain, dont know…but the best thing is that even we are not going to be here eternally and will meet them once we leave body too…and yes she giving you blessings from there is certainly true.

    1. One cannot understand what to feel or how to feel it. It is a complicated emotion. We too will go someday isn’t a relief Parijat. My heart is in my kids now.

  4. I am sure she still watches over you… loves you when u do something good… n scowls when you do something naughty… you will always feel her around… i guess thats a bond that nothing can take it apart ????

    1. You are right Shefali. If I do something I know she doesn’t like I almost feel like she’s twisting my ears in my imagination. ????????
      The bond can only get stronger. ☺

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