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Accidental Spies

The housing society I currently live in has ten buildings which are placed fairly close to each other. There’s one bang opposite of ours, and in effect there’s also another apartment right in front of ours.

I don’t know much, but from what I see from our balcony (not deliberately) I know that it is occupied by a Gujrati family and the couple has a teenage daughter. The daughter seems quiet and keeps to herself but the couple is quite ‘open’, sometimes to our discomfort.

Uncle seems to have a nothing-can-bind-me rule since I have never seen him wearing anything stomach-up. In contrast, Aunty emerges victorious in giving serious competition to her daughter in dolling up since she wears Minnie and singlet strap half-length gowns throughout the day.

Aunty also seems to have an assorted collection of lingerie (colours and designs) which she doesn’t mind displaying on the ropes on which their clothes are put out to dry in the balcony. 

A and I have had many fun discussions about it, with him suggesting me to get one of those gowns too. I ended up jokingly accusing him of trying to swing both ways due to the way he looks at both of them 😂 and not me. 😒😠😠

Whenever I’m in the balcony now, I try not to look and avoid any kind of eye-contact with them to give them some discretion and privacy. Angel, being what she is, stands on her chair and calls out for Uncle and waves at him. 😂

One thing we forget though. What we can see they can see too, right? One day after A was back from work and I was making dinner, suddenly all mushed up and seemingly doing the ground work for something else later 😉 he did something cute with me in the kitchen. 😍😍

Next moment, he saw Aunty looking at us from across her kitchen window. 😂😂 Embarrassed and conscious of being caught staring at us, she immediately looked away. 😜😜

A blushed a beetroot red and made a hasty retreat from there. I couldn’t help looking over the window and smiling away to myself wondering what she must be thinking about us. 😄

None of us were looking out for it, but we turned accidental spies for each other. Neither of us had this vice. Some things just happen. We can’t help them. Guess these are the unexpected thrills that make for fun moments in life. 😆

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