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Different Sides

I love my freedom. I’m not essentially the fiercely independent type though who wouldn’t compromise on my dreams for the sake of my family. 

Some call it lack of ambition, some call it waste of education, while others feel sorry for me for the choices I made. All I do in return is give them a smile for their concern and move on.

What people get to see is only a small part of the story anyway. A lot goes behind making a decision and that’s where the real you is at work and reflects truly.

7 thoughts on “Different Sides

  1. Yes many of us have different facets of us. Its just that some facet is more predominant that other. In my case differnt sides have been premoninant at different point of times. In medical terms you may funnily call it as multiple personality (dis)order 🙂 🙂

    1. Ha ha ☺

      Yes, one person is capable of acting in exactly opposite ways on different occasions. Circumstances, experiences, his current frame of mind, there are many such factors that contribute towards his behaviour.

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