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What does your Hi mean

The other day a friend pinged me and I replied with a ‘Hi’ without giving it a second thought.

His next line: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Huh? Nothing. Why?

He: Chal na. Tell me what happened.

Me: Arre! Why do you feel something’s wrong?

He: You said Hi. Nothing else. No emojis. Its weird. Even for you.

Me: Come on. That doesn’t mean anything.

He: Ok, fine. My phone isn’t charged. I’m logging off. Talk to you later.

Me: No wait. We have to talk.

He: *sarcastically* Oh, we do? What a surprise!

Then I proceeded to tell him what was on my mind. 

Although I loved the fact that he expertly understood the unspoken, I was amused that a mere greeting gave me away. 😬

Friends are the strangest and sweetest. Aren’t they? :):)

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  1. It’s strange but true. May be your friend just knew you too well.. Possibly more than what you expected

    1. Oh yes he did. Mostly, he does. I think I underestimated him. ????

  2. Yeah may be you did. Be careful next time. ????

    1. Haha. With him I can never be too careful. He manages to spring surprises on me bit too often. ????????????

      1. Well then try saying things the way he would expect. Try to surprise him sometime… What say?

        1. I think I do. Its upto him to agree with that. ☺☺

          1. Well then the question is how well do you know him? I am sure you catch every subtle sign of his too… Coz Friendship is a two way street you know.

          2. I would like to believe I get him as well. I catch every sign and especially the ones he’s hiding. It is a two-way street indeed. He has his and I have mine. We argue a lot but never miss waving at each other from our ends. ????????

  3. yes some people get the unspoken things very well..there was this canteen boy in my office and we have little chit chat every day i was upset but i tried to have normal talk but he told me sir something has happened to you today . I had to admire him for that later ☺☺

    1. Ofcourse. He deserves the admiration. Few people understand and fewer express it. ☺

  4. or we may also say some are bad at hiding emotions ????

    1. I’m very bad at hiding emotions. However, I didn’t know it applied on a chat too where no one could see my face.

      1. He then surely deserves a pat on his back ????

        1. Hahaha…he would love it if he reads this! ????

          1. now without further delay ask him to give us a treat for making him aware about his strengths !!????????

          2. Haha…I should do that, really. The guy must be getting serious hiccups with all the talking about him here. ????

          3. dont worry since he is so perceptive he would know reasons for hiccups ????????

          4. ????????????????

          5. ????????

  5. new mode of checking the friends…whether they are reading the unspoken words..
    good one varsh

    1. Ah well. I didn’t start off to test him, honestly. I wasn’t sure if I should share the matter or was it too silly to bother anyone with. But yes, he passed the mock test with flying colours. ????

      1. ha ha.. i was commenting like, you or we can use this new test..

        1. Sure sure, we can. ???? Then we can also go behind them with a stick if they didn’t get the hint. ????????

          1. ha ha.. a bamboo stick..

          2. Yesss ????????????

  6. My ex could always tell by my hi too ????

    1. Knowing someone on such a deep level is admirable. Isn’t it?
      Thanks for the comment Zoe. ☺

      1. I just hope I can find another one alike

        1. You will find better. ????????

  7. Yes they are.. One can find out with the way one replies.

    And lucky are the ones who have such good friends. ..

    1. True. With friends we can hardly keep our shields up.

  8. True friends are the sweetest…they know us better than we give them credit for!

    1. Yes. They make their worth felt just by being there for us and understanding our little gestures correctly.

      1. You’ve said it all. 🙂

        1. ????????????

          1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I have a few friends like that who know when I am in a low mood. I think social media and emojis have also added to the dynamic, to be honest. What a snappy, entertaining read this was!

    1. I generally zone out when I don’t feel good, but people like this guy claw at me until I let it all out. Thank god for them! ????????
      I love using emojis a lot. Indeed, I use them with caution in social media, but like you said they add to the dynamics. Thanks for the comment Shailaja. ☺☺

  10. This is the kind of friend you should hold on to!

    1. Oh yes. He’s one of my dearest ones. ????????

  11. Now, this was interesting! I wouldn’t even have thought about asking what was wrong.

    1. Why so?

      1. I just wouldn’t have thought about you not replying a certain way. But when a person knows you, they know you.

        1. Ya exactly. It doesn’t happen with everyone obviously. You would probably feel it for someone you know well.

  12. Expect anything and everything these days – welcome to the age of Slang!

    1. Age of Slang?

      1. Yeah, i mean slang words that people use these days and you have to decipher the meaning. Read this if you get to:

        1. Haha…if you found the conversations in this post even remotely relatable to the ones in your post, you should probably stop trying to decipher their meaning. This was a real conversation. When friends talk they don’t usually dissect each other’s grammar or word usage.

          1. I know, I was just saying- not for your post.

  13. Interesting……how much can a simple “hi” (without the emojis) reveal so much about you.

    1. Isn’t it? Some people know us a bit too well without us realising it. Thanks for reading, Deepali.

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