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Getting a job done

Last weekend we took A Jr to a mall nearby. He was in his feisty element, assured that he was getting a new toy or a new Spiderman jersey or whatever, and had to be pulled back every now and then to avoid getting pushed. With the festive season approaching the place was quite crowded and there was a beeline at the entrance itself.

Now we’re aware of this practice, still, to set the record straight, there’s this compulsory frisking people and checking of purses (for ladies) at the mall gates. This exercise offends many, hasn’t been taken kindly often and at times the security staff faces flak for barging in on personal space.

This incident further establishes how certain misbehaved and irresponsible people (with only their language and clothes to boast of) can create a ruckus over this thing, only to hide their own embarrassment and to prove that they have an upper hand.

A couple of ladies ahead of us was a young girl, looking dapper in her tight clothes and few layers of makeup plastered over her face. While her purse was getting checked, the security lady found a lighter, 4 unopened packets of Marlboro smokes and one opened packet of some other brand in it.

Since smoking is strictly not allowed in malls the lady removed those packets and the lighter and kept them with her, mentioning that the girl could take them back while leaving. Not the one to take this lying down, the girl got into a retaliating mode and started bashing the lady up, left right and centre!

“She’s fallen in love with my things, that’s why she doesn’t want to give them back”

“Tumhari aukaat hai meri cheezon ko haath lagane ki?”

“Give my things back right now, you don’t know what I can do”

…and some more statements like this came out in full force, their decibel level not even taken into consideration. The girl tried to leave from the entrance door with her purse, to which the lady objected, since again, that was not allowed.

We left that scene after some time but while we were there the Manager had been summoned and he was desperately trying to calm her down. What might’ve happened after that, we’ve no idea.

Security lapses are not new in our country, but at a time when people do try to do their job, are we right by objecting to them only because we got caught flouting some of their rules? I don’t think the lady was wrong there. She could get sacked if the girl (or the guy with her) was found smoking in the mall or the girl was caught in the cameras leaving the mall through the entrance. She was simply doing her job.

What’s your take on this?

18 thoughts on “Getting a job done

  1. I have to agree. The lady was doing her job. If anyone has a problem with the rules they need to take it with the management rather than yake their anger out on poor people doing what they are paid to.

    1. That’s what….the way she was screaming at the security was uncalled for, not to mention her language. Poor thing didn’t know what to say, but good she held her ground!

  2. While I agree the lady was doing her job and the girl should have taken it up with the management, I do think that whole system is ridiculous! I remember going back to Bombay in 2009 and seeing all these new malls sprout up and then having to have my bags checked every single time! It was annoying! I remember my sis telling me it was measures taken following the terrorist attacks but given that the security people in any case have nothing to stop a terrorist with a gun, what’s the point of this whole thing? It’s a facade. After all, there are malls in other countries too and when you go from one shop to the next, you don’t have to always drop your bags off. Rather when you are done shopping you just show them your bags while leaving if it’s from another shop.

  3. It happens at the entrance…yes…but the worst part is when we have to get it done even at individual stores!
    I remember having to get my bags checked thoroughly at Big Bazaar…and then what they do…they tag all my personal stuff as a proof that its actually mine and I haven’t shop-lifted or something! I got so angry that I stopped visiting it altogether!
    Security is doing its job…but its upon the management to take measures so that their customers don’t feel maligned.

      1. was thinking on these lines…just a thought came to my mind-what happens when these so called rich and educated class people are frisked at the airports? that they are asked to even remove their shoes and socks leave alone get their baggage scanned….Do they create a chaos there too? or silently submit themselves cause they are aware that places like airports are not going to take in their baseless tantrums?

        1. Oh I’m sure they do the needful quite willingly at airports. People don’t mind no matter how many times they are frisked there.
          Airport security is to be taken seriously, since they are doing their job. WTH, even Shahrukh Khan wasn’t spared from that!
          But when it comes to malls the whole angle of thinking changes. People are out to have fun there and are not ready to be stopped from doing anything, even if they are wrong.

    1. also, if the security lady would not have done her job well and just imagine the same day there had been some terrorists would have attacked at the mall..I’m sure the people would have blamed the security at the mall gates first thing!

      it’s like being on this side and throwing tantrums is easier but being on the that side and doing your job well is different!

      1. Security has been put up there for a reason, isn’t it? Malls are crowded and can attract terrorist attacks. If support from people is needed, the least we can do is oblige with their rules. The lady was surprisingly calm and collected, and still very adamant that she won’t leave her duty aside. Good going, really!

  4. In most malls across Mumbai you will see that the bag checking is done only for the sake of it… this was one rare case where the lady was not only doing her job but was doing it well… It makes perfect sense in getting people frisked and bags checked… We are in a day and age where terrorists disguise as someone you can’t imagine to be a terrorist… men and women alike!!! Remember its your safety that these people are taking care of..

    Coming to your point of checking done in individual store entrances.. again it only makes perfect sense as it does not hurt to have a second pair of eyes look thru the baggage to find any items that may cause problems like a small hand gun( you never know… do you?) … Again… it’s not because someone is a shoplifter… it’s simply because we don’t want the safety of our loved one compromised with!!!

    It’s just the way you look at it…!!! 🙂

    1. Sure…you have a point there…but tell me this…have you ever gone through a girl’s purse? It is stuffed with usable and non-usable things including cosmetics, accessories, tissues, etc. If you have a child with you, there’s an extra water bottle and essentially some snacks.
      Now imagine having to wait at the gate having ALL this stuff checked and tagged every single time. I’ve tried asking them to get the purse deposited with them, they don’t agree. Isn’t this a bit too much to take? Not to mention the dirty tags on my personal things that refuse to come off easily.
      Difference of opinion here…no probs! 🙂

    2. I totally agree. In fact we should have the frisking enforced everytime we get on a bus, a train or any other mode of public transportation. Afterall those are most vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Why stop here, in fact they should make it mandatory to get the bags checked before boarding a Mumbai local, that would certainly make us safe.

      1. I agree with you but I wonder how workable it actually will be. I mentioned in the post that even at the mall entrances people despise being frisked. If it becomes mandatory while travelling too it would create a lot of chaos. Anyway,must not forget there are metal detectors to detect any danger, but which are sadly less than functioning many times. Our vulnerability is out in the open but we hardly are prepared. That is the sad truth. 🙁
        Thanks for your comment and welcome here 🙂

      2. Oh boy, explaining a satirical remark really defeats the purpose, but here I go. First of all do you really think frisking everyone everywhere in a country of 1.2B people is really possible? The terrorists are still going to attack because they will find other ways. So, the end result is a chaos and still attacks.
        Instead govt should step up its intelligence and take general public in confidence so that they know about any possible attacks earlier and not when a terrorist is entering the mall with weapons in his/her purse. But then, what else am I supposed to expect from the authorities than a knee jerk reaction.
        As much I am against the frisking policy at the airports, it is still okay because you don’t (at least I don’t) fly too occasionally and thus still can manage it. But at Malls and every store, its just ridiculous.
        Varsh, I am a very recent visitor to this blog, so thanks for welcoming. Still going through all the old posts and finding them more and more interesting. Wish you luck in your life. Happy writing.

      3. Sorry for wasting your satirical remark 😛
        I think the govt is taking measures but they are highly deficient and not very effective. What else can explain attacks on the Parliament, the local trains in Mumbai, the attack on Taj and the recent very suspicious fire at Mantralaya. May be they are more for a make-believe purpose. 🙁
        As far as the general public is concerned, they should be ones most aware about all this, ‘se these disasters are mostly aimed at the common man and creating unrest. Sadly, people choose to play the mute spectator, thankful only that they weren’t directly harmed.
        I actually felt some regard for this security lady at the mall for doing her job. Something that even our police find ways for avoiding. More than the government I think it is the police that should be playing the role of creating an awareness. People will comply if they think they are dealing with genuine people.
        Hope you have a good time on my blog. Haven’t been spending time on it like I used to earlier,but it is my favourite place. 🙂

  5. Well.. it’s very simple then… leave the non-usable stuff out of your purse… 2 advantages straightaway… Purse becomes lighter and security lines turn out to be shorter…:-). I certainly understand the extra water bottle and the snacks and even some extra pair of clothes for the children… However, not every mom in the world would think of carrying all of this… otherwise you would not have a Reshma and Shabana Memon…

    Like I said earlier, it’s the onus of the the Mall security force to ascertain no weapons get past their eyes… they need to go through every small thing in your purse…

    Nothing is too much to take when it comes to the life of your loved ones…

    Well yeah… difference of opinion alright… but itna toh banta hai yaar!!! 🙂

    1. Well…I’m amongst those Moms who do carry their kids’ stuff…and yes…I can also not do without my whole baggage…you never know when you might need any of it!
      I still think frisking once and for all at the gates is enough, and like I said earlier, where I don’t like it, I simply don’t choose to go. Let them do their job, I can do what I like. 🙂

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