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Seven Random Facts

Everyone seems to be bitten by the ‘tag’ virus! Before you attempt finishing one, another one is ready to pounce upon you. Some blogger friends tagged me to write seven random things about myself. I’m a very boring person and scratched my head a lot to try and make this an interesting read, but alas! I warn you that you might sleep by the time I’m finished so read at your own risk! 😀


Seven random facts about me:

1. I had my first crush when I was in Std V. He was a very cute South-Indian boy from Std VI. I met him when we sat together during our exams. He was very nice to me and was very good at drawing. Soon after that he left our school and I never got to see him again, but the memory remains. By the way, I still have a soft corner for dark South-Indian guys. 😛

2. I’m a somniloquist (sleep-talker) and sometimes I’m voluble enough to disturb the person sleeping next to me. My parents, my room-mates and now A; all of them can vouch for this. They’ve been scared out of their wits by me some or the other time!

3. I have a fetish for guys’ hands. More often than not you’ll find me checking out or admiring a man’s hands. I possibly won’t even care to look at his face at times. It might sound abnormal, but that’s me!

4. I’m a constant worrier, call it a manufacturing defect. You’ll find me exasperated and deflated trying to fix something or find something to fix which might be completely irrelevant. Everything needs to be in place and the moment something goes out of hand, I get worked up.

5. I seem to have a knack of getting every recipe right. I try and am good at inventing few of my own too. My unseen and unheard of combinations and concoctions turn out fabulously almost always. Luckily for me, A doesn’t mind being the guinea pig for them. In fact he pushes me to try my hand at something new.

6. Whenever I listen to my favourite song I cannot help but hum or sing along. The volume varies depending upon where I am. I tend to remember lyrics impeccably even if I haven’t heard the song in years. And yes, I hate it when people mix up or add their own imaginative words to them.

7. I hate putting on make-up. I often find myself marveling at the patience, persistence and will of girls who can spend hours in front of the mirror painting their faces everyday. I don’t mind jazzing it up for some occasion, but on a regular day, kajal and a brown or maroon shaded lipstick is all I need.

That’s it! These are seven random facts about me. It was great writing these down and if you’re reading this consider yourself tagged. I would love to know seven (or more) fun facts about you too!

34 thoughts on “Seven Random Facts

  1. girl ! I have been tagged 2wice on this one now…gotta do this :Psouthie boy ? hahaha who was he ? Do I know him ?with you on the last one…I hate make-ups ! and on 6th too..I love humming and singing along with the radio or the player 🙂 Wow seems like mujhe tere ghar aana hi padega ab…mast recipes seekhne aur khana khane 🙂

  2. @Analyst: Hehe…its true 🙂 And it did take me a while to get this all together!Glad its done!@Nu:Yeah Southie boy…he was in Xavier's you don't know him :)See…that's why we're friends..our random things match too!! :PAnd do come to my place…I'll prepare anything you want for you..Would love to :)Do your tag fast…I'll love reading your answers too! 🙂

  3. Wow! it was fun knowing so much more about you :)I did this tag just two days back buddy. Thanks for tagging me though 😀 :DI am quite with you on #5 :DCheers!!

  4. @CB: Hey CB…I read your tag and commented on it too! And I forgot! Anyway, what matters is that its an interesting way to know more about each other…so great! :)#5 I'm sure…I read your black forest cake post :)@Titaxy: Yes really! Not that I do it everyday, but a lot of times. Risky huh? ;)Yeah I remember reading something about you not caring about your hair or make-up 😀 Same here!!@Preeti: Oh I sure would :DPlenty of other occasions to make up for it! 😉

  5. Sleep talked..that sounds like so much fun..DO you like A's hands? :PWhen do I get to eat at your place..?? Waiting..You will hate me because I can't get any song right..I don't even own anything beyond a lipstick which is sitting in some box rotting..don't even go that far unless I have to get dressed then I scramble to find the box where it is hiding in..

  6. My son is a somniloquist, and he has given me a fright many times! I had no idea there was a word for people who talk in their sleep 🙂 Hand fetish!! 🙂 You could become a palmist!

  7. @Comfy: Its fun alright…though not for people around me :PI LOVE A's hands…I tell him his hands would put a girl (read me) to shame…they're very soft ;)You're invited to my place anytime…just tell me dear..I'll cook your favourite…choices??Hehe…and I corrected Nu on your post for wrong lyrics :PA likes me applying kajal..and I like lipsticks…so I like both 😀 In fact…I have a bug collection of lipsticks (although I end up using the same shaded over and over!)

  8. @IHM: I hand to find the word after A asked me what my 'disease' is called! It can be scary I agree 😛 But since its not deliberate we can get away with it :DPalmist sounds good….but just that I'll end up admiring hands more than 'reading' them 😛

  9. gr8 yaar..thnx for the first tag …. infact i dont kn how it is done…y is it done to me..hihihi..i m still amused …wat to write yaar…

  10. @rohini: Its just a fun thing to get to know each other better…thats all :)Write 7 things about yourself like I did…and do remember to tag 7 people after you…would love to read your answers…no hurry take your time 🙂

  11. Everything but the last point defined a woman woman! Sleep talking too! YES! But glad someone keeps away from makeup! Some apply their 'face to the foundation'. LOL! Uggggh!

  12. @Chandrika: Always dear..And do take your tag soon..Would like to know about you too :)Happy blogging! :)@Vinni: Women will be women right! 😛 :DA is mostly responsible for the 'make-up'. He manages to cajole and blackmail me into it, 'se he likes it! Love ke liye kya kya karna padta hai 😀

  13. Kewl…..we seem to have a lot in common, like the constant worrying, singing my heart out, an obsession for lyrics etc!! Oh and I'm a decent cook as well!!Are you a Virgo??…your traits seem Virgo-ish!! Newayz my first time at your blog!!!Will be back to read more of your write ups!!!

  14. @Vyazz: Welcome to my blog! :)Wow..a South-Indian doctor guy who's also a Virgo(yeah me too)! And you can cook too?? My time to say 'Kewl'! 😛 Do visit my blog again…would love to read your comments and feedback!

  15. Somniloquist? It is a sight better than being a somnambulist. I used to be one as an adolescent and teenager. So bad it can be that even when I used to get up to go to the loo, my mom would talk to me to find out if I was indeed awake or not! Bah. and oh, I am getting down to completing the tag…

  16. @zephyr: Oh my…somnambulism is definitely more difficult to handle. How did you get over it? Do tell me…I still talk too much!In fact its a joke with me and A that any day we have some altercation he must sit up all night to see just how much I bash him in my sleep! 😛

  17. Hey Varsha….thanks for the tag..! Wow!Big thing for this small person. Couple of things i wanted to say…I like the way you write, there is a sense of honesty with some simplicity it it. Just the way i like it! Since you are a warrior i would like 2 ask you if you would like 2 take this writing part 2 the next level? Like having a webpage or a group blog…or even better a book with all our best posts?Reply if your interested and even if your not!:)

  18. Knack of getting every recipe right!! Wow! That’s so awesome!! My husband loves experimenting in the kitchen but his experiments are 90% successful, 10% are a big no-no 😀
    Fetish for hands… that’s interesting!!
    Worry is my middle name, I worry a LOT too.
    Good to know about you through this post, Varsha 🙂

  19. I remember getting tagged on Instagram earlier this year for sharing fun facts about me. It’s strange how hard it is to write something fun and interesting about our self, it took me a while to finish that task. Loved reading this post and knowing more about you.

  20. It was so cute to know about your first crush along with the other facts. I think I can relate to the constant worrier syndrome.

  21. There’s so much we have in common (except for the hand fetish, LOL) Even I can’t stop humming when I hear any good song. And I too don’t like to pit make-up, all I like is Kajal and lip gloss.

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