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Choose the best fabrics for this wedding season with Fabcurate

My earliest memories of shopping with my mother comprise a huge matching centre full of neatly stacked endless rolls of different types and colours of fabrics. Her preferred salesman would stand on guard and proudly lay them out for us, as directed. Readymade garments were a rarity back then so fabrics for everything from salwar suits, kurtas to blouses and even dupattas were bought from stores. Times have changed now though and few have the time and patience to visit them. However, come wedding season and every lady painstakingly strives to put together perfectly tailored ensembles for the big day. Thanks to Fabcurate, we can now browse, compare and choose from a huge variety of fabrics for our every need right from the comfort of our homes.

Choose the best fabrics for this wedding season with Fabcurate_avibrantpalette

What does Fabcurate offer and why should you shop with them?

Fabcurate is a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. It offers a wide range of fabrics that are conveniently divided according to material, patterns, colours, and range for a better shopping experience. Satin, georgette, jacquard, organza, and silks like Banarasi, Uppada, Bangalore, and Tusser make for perfect festive wear.

Traditional prints like Kalamkari, Ajrakh, and Ikat, quirky designs like bistro, newspapers, and social media, or bold patterns like Egyptian, animal, and maps are a riot to choose from. Bandhani, leheriya, and other popular designs are perfect for the upcoming wedding season as well. Along with these, prints like cars, bunnies, and cartoon characters like Motu Patlu and Doraemon would make for great dresses or bedding materials for your kids.

Sarees, readymade blouses, accessories like laces, stoles, and scarves, and men’s fabrics for shirts, suits, kurtas, and Sherwanis make up for complete family shopping with Fabcurate.

My experience of shopping with Fabcurate!

My fashion choices have evolved a lot over the past few years. I’m slowly leaning more towards traditional fabrics and designs that are graceful, elegant and classy. A couple of friends getting hitched meant choosing something fun yet subtle for the wedding season this year. Fabcurate came to my rescue and I not only got my favourites to choose from, but also discovered some new ones.

Even for a baraati, weddings are an excuse to flaunt a lehenga in style. Net, tissue, heavy embroidery, velvet, organza and more, I have some lovingly selected lehengas in unique styles. Alas, some are no longer in fashion while others’ weight goes into a few kilos. This wedding season I wanted to dress in something simple, comfortable and light-weight which reflected my personality too.

Gamthi pattern originates from the villages of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Gamthi embroidery, an extension of this print, is quite heavy and flashy. These materials often come in bright colours and are amazingly detailed. They’re vastly popular during Navratri and garba celebrations as well. No wonder then that a Gamthi lehenga was on my wishlist. With Fabcurate, I could lay my hands on a digitally printed version of these beautiful patterns. Isn’t the orange and blue combination rich and pleasing to the eye? It is available in Japan satin which makes it easy to handle and carry. Some lacework at the hem and waist of my free-flowing lehenga, a potli on the side and voila, it is done!

An intricate and traditional lehenga pattern meant choosing a delicate choli design that complimented it impeccably. Interestingly, after owning Bandhani sarees, dupattas, bags and jewellery boxes, a Bandhani design caught my eye, yet again! Dark purple and corn yellow pattern in South Indian Uppada silk, it balanced my entire ensemble superbly. My instant thought was to style it in a thick-collar, waist-length choli with elbow sleeves. Maybe similar lacework to seal the connection? It will be wedding season ready with a heavy necklace, maangteeka, jhumkas and a handful of bangles. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

I’m wedding season ready with Fabcurate and can’t wait to don my outfits in these gorgeous prints. Oh, I also got some lovely monochromatic fabrics for making twinning tops for me and my daughter. Take your time to explore the website or the FOMO feeling is sure to hit you for real!

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34 thoughts on “Choose the best fabrics for this wedding season with Fabcurate

  1. I can relate to this post, how times have changed and we do not have time to visit stores. Even when I want to buy something it becomes difficult to go a store and follow up for lehnga but now I know where to buy my beautiful lehnga. Thanks for sharing

  2. Fabrics of all kinds in different prints, designs and patterns under one roof… Fabcurate is certainly a boon for all those who plan to shop for the wedding. It’s ease, convenience and much more…

  3. Fabcurate has a mindboggling collection, and it is really difficult to stop at one. I liked your twinning idea with your daughter. That would look awesome with both of you dressed to the T.

  4. Seems like they have got a lot of varieties of original prints and fabric materials. My Mil is fond of fabric prints. Hope she will like them. Saving this post for the upcoming functions.

  5. Fabcurate has best fabrics and I like the different pattern on their website which has traditional and modern prints that gives user lot of options to choose from.

  6. true that, all kind of fabrics, and patterns looks wonderful, and getting them all under one platform is the best thing for buyers who are buying in bulk especially during wedding season for self or gifting

  7. I have bee reading a lot about Fabcurate. I will surely check it out. Beautiful bandhani piece. Reminded me of our posting in Gujrat when we used to get them directly from the weavers.

  8. My sister will be thankful to you for this piece of informatiin. She has her wedding in the upcoming month and these probkems we all are facing for our garments too. And such comfort is very much less that we know.

  9. I wouldv loved to see you in the outfit Varsha.. i’m sure u looked lovely😊.
    I’ve shopped at fabcurate and they have so much to offer that u get spoilt for choice…. and their pricing is reasonable compared to other online stores selling similar stuff. The only problem for me with fabrics however is that I haven’t found a tailor who I m totally happy with yet.😔 I’ve always had to do alterations and modifications and sometimes it’s frustrating.

  10. First of let me know your knowledge on materials is so extensive. I love ajrakh, kalamkari and bandhani prints and I am always in a lookout for good dresses. I will check out Fabcurate for sure as I am surely going to enjoy browsing my favourite materials.

  11. This site surely looks like a must-try. I love traditional prints and weave and buy them whilst traveling or during handicrafts expo in my city, your blog solved my problem and gave me a one-stop solution for all my shopping needs. Thanks

  12. I must applaud your culture for being so brave and adventurous with the fabric you use with your clothes. It’s always much more fun and vibrant! Amazing fabrics you’ve chosen!

  13. As someone who loves shopping for fabrics, I can relate to your nostalgia for the days when going to a fabric store was a common occurrence. However, I appreciate the convenience that online shopping offers, and Fabcurate seems like a great option for those looking for a wide range of fabrics for various occasions. I especially love your choice of a Gamthi lehenga and Bandhani choli, and your descriptions make me want to explore Fabcurate’s offerings even more.

  14. This looks like a great site for fabrics & definitely worth checking out. Till my college days my mom tailored my clothes and we had such fun visiting Garden Vareli sales and other shops looking for fabrics. So for me online shopping doesn’t hold much appeal though I do it to save time & sometimes money too. But for special occassion I still visit the markets and handpick my clothes or fabrics. The hustle bustle, bargaining, the smell and ofcourse all the junk that we munch can’t be matched.

  15. I visited the site of Fabcurate once but never purchased anything. Now that I’ve read your post, I’m confident it’s a trustworthy website. I would definitely buy it before going to India so that I may give it to my boutique when I get there.

  16. I love to explore different types of fabrics when it comes to getting Indian wear done. You have vast knowledge about fabrics and your tips are worth to follow. Saving it for my future reference.

  17. Wow Varsha, what an interesting post regarding the fabrics and Fabcurate. Since I stay in Europe, I do miss shopping Indian wear, especially heading out with mum to all these fabric stores. Thanks to you, I can now browse them from Europe and get it ordered at my mum’s place. Saving your post!

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