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Word of the Year 2023

The first week of 2023 has flown by with some immediate things on my new year agenda fashionably ticked off already. 2022 was a great year in terms of work, recognition, writing, travel, health, food, and friendships. I sincerely hope to see this happy streak continue through this year not only for me but also for everyone else. True, we have our ups and downs but welcoming the new year with positive affirmations will create the right vibes around us. Hence, revisiting my Word of the Year ritual, this year I’ve picked: Acceptance.

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Acceptance of my abilities

How often have we held back from applying for a job, work assignment, or simply making a phone call to a long-lost friend because we were unsure of ourselves? There have been times when I’ve been unfairly wary of the belief others have shown in me instead of being thankful for the gesture. This year I’m going to be kinder and more confident in myself and take that leap of faith. 2023 may have me publishing my book of short stories, after all.

Acceptance of having grown-up kids

A mother can never let go. Period. Having a teenage boy and an 8yo girl (who is mentally older than her sibling) means that the reins of their lives are slowly slipping away from my hands. They are strongly opinionated, unnecessarily rebellious, understandably naïve, and make plans with friends without my knowledge. Education, career, job, relationships, rejections, loss, and lots more are yet to happen. Sparks fly at times but I hope that we can all reach an understanding that’s best for everyone.

Acceptance of work and deadlines ethics

Time and tide wait for none. In today’s world of extreme competition when good work gets stolen from under our noses, our professionalism needs to be topnotch. I’m guilty of missing deadlines and receiving gentle reminders to turn in my work during the past year. Although valid, excuses are not acceptable and suggest compromised work ethic. Going forward in 2023, I’ll consciously work on keeping time.

Acceptance of changes in me

‘Why don’t you colour your hair?’ is a common concern women have for me nowadays. The few grey strands peeping out of my essentially black mane seem to bother many. However, I’ve always believed in aging gracefully and by God’s grace am in the best shape of my life right now. Thanks to regular workouts, I have naturally good skin too. Would I feel the same if tomorrow the harsher physical aspects of aging catch up with me? Maybe not, but I know I’ll not fight what I can’t control. 2023 is going to be all about humble acceptance of the changes happening in me.

Acceptance of my limitations

There are many things that don’t come naturally to me; networking, benefiting from relationships, bragging achievements, pretending self-importance, etc. Over the years they’ve sometimes proved to be liabilities and made me lose out. One cannot change one’s natural instincts and behaviour though, right? Identifying my limitations might help me explore other avenues to develop both personally and professionally. What matters is that I don’t try to ape others’ success and find my own path.

So here I am, ready to welcome the new year with the right attitude and hopefully conscious changes that will work for the best going forward. Hope my Word of the Year 2023 resonated with you too! Do let me know.

This blogpost is part of the Let’s Stay Hello 2023 Blogging Activity hosted by Swarnali Nath.

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32 thoughts on “Word of the Year 2023

  1. Such a lovely post! And so insightful; every point you have highlighted. I don’t colour my hair. I would love get back in shape but I just can’t exercise (I have tried, trust me). One thing I really want to work on time management. It’s really difficult for me. I tend to waste my time. I am trying to cut down my time on social media.

    Stay blessed. Have a wonderful New Year!☺️

  2. I am just doing a course on Acceptance and Commitment therapy. And when I saw your post i feel like it is a kindof Law of attraction that brought the post to me. I am so happy to see how you are taking the new year on

  3. Dear Varsha, reading your post seemed like I was having a conversation with one of my close friends in the Blogosphere, a calm, intuitive, and lyrical narrative. I loved how you contemplated your feelings, accepted the flaws and imperfections in a graceful way, and hold on hope to embrace the beauty of life to look your beauty within. May your year be filled with peace and happiness. Wishing you a wonderful 2023!!

  4. Yes. I resonate a lot with your and your post Varsha. Looks like we share some common personality traits as well. Talking about the word “Acceptance” then when we have figured out that we cannot change everyone, then only we can start thinking towards focusing on ourselves. Half of the time we stress out about how others are behaving but can we change them? – No. Will they change for us – No. then why to waste our time and energies towards something which is not that worthy enough.

  5. Self Acceptance is the most needed trait thats currently missing and your post is an apt reminder for that Varsha. Have a blessed New Year

  6. Acceptance is a big step towards self growth. Once we accept,then we move forward with more vigour, actually. Kids are a tremendous challenge in this era. truly admire you working women with kids. How you bring about a balance between work, home and your blog. Hats off, Varsha, truly you deserve a pat on your back.Wishing you a year of acceptance clubbed with achievements.

  7. Ah, Acceptance. It is a tough act to follow no? We tell ourselves that we must accept, that all that is there in our hands is the action that we can do, the outcome (good or bad) we have to accept. I am glad that you are taking concious act to accept whatever is coming your way, and your blog post is a timely reminder for all of us that acceptance is the first step towards contentment

  8. Very honest post Varsh and I admire you for all that you have become. I love your idea on word of the year and am going to pen on it soon with due credits to you love and acceptance indeed is more significant that any other virtue. Lots of love to you dear

  9. Such an insightful post. Acceptance is the key word. Such a simple thing yet si hard to ‘accept’ it as the mantra of life yet a simple acceptance can bring much peace. Beautiful resonating post.

  10. Self-Acceptance is the first step towards self-care/self-love. I am glad that you like yourself the way you’re. If we’re self-satisfied, then definitely we don’t need anyone’s opinions more than our own. Such a lovely post. All the best!

  11. What a sincere post this is ! Every word is from your heart. Acceptance is surely difficult but it is the starting point of making changes in one’s life. I wish you great health,peace and happiness this year. Lots of love, V !

  12. Acceptance- perfect word you’ve chosen Varsha. Only with acceptance can we have peace, achievements and so much more. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  13. Such a nice word of the year, Varsha. Acceptance is one thing that I am struggling with for so many years yaar. I know I preach but when situations make it difficult, I lose. Best of luck for the year, May you follow the whole year and onwards.

  14. Hi Varsha, I loved your post. And I can relate to so many things up there. Mother to two teenagers, accepting them as individuals with a mind of their own is difficult but as you said, it’s time to accept that change. Definitely the whole process of aging is daunting but acceptance makes it easy. I wish you all the best for 2023!

  15. This is definitely a well-written and relatable post Varsha. Accepting ourself with our goodness, flaws, capabilities and limitations indeed paves a way to live stress-free, peaceful life. I agree with the fact, when our children grow up, we gradually lose control over their life but ‘letting-go’ has always been the mantra of nature. I am glad that you are taking a step towards it to create a harmonious environment for your family. Also, wish you lots of luck this year to publish your short stories. I am sure with so much self-discipline and acceptance of timelines, you will be able to achieve it! Wish you a happy new year!

  16. Lovely post ,Varsha. Half battle is won when we accept our problems, our limitations and our abilities, the remaining path is more clear and achievable. Wishing you all the very best for 2023 !! May your happy streak continues this year too.

  17. acceptance. Such a lovely and important word. Accepting yourself, your situation and people around you is the first step to moving forward and fulfilment.

  18. Firstly, I loved how your described your kids, I am afraid I will have to say the same as I see them now. We have to accept that changes have to be made and then we can move forward, I loved your post.
    wish to collaborate with you sometime.

  19. Lovely post, Varsha, as always. I’ve always admired your honesty and genuine nature. These are rare traits to find in today’s world. We have similar words for 2023. Parenting teenagers is like taking parenting to the next level. We have to change and fine tune our approach for them to trust and listen to us. It’s an exhausting phase but no less beautiful than when they were babies and toddlers. I could relate to a lot of your points except the fitness part. Long way to go before being as fit as you. I wish you a wonderful, successful and content 2023, Varsha!

  20. I love this word and it is so apt for us. We have to especially accept change. There are so many people I know who love living in their comfort zone and don’t do anything other than going to home and work.

  21. Its an Insightful and worthy post which many of us need to read and understand. I would like to congratulate you for penning such a thoughtful and important topic

  22. Acceptance … that’s such an empowering mantra to live by! Accepting reality makes you strong and stable and brings peace and calm and this certainly helps in unlocking the door to happiness. More power to you, Varsha this 2023. Cheers.

  23. Acceptance is the word I hum it around the year. This word is like the mantra and when we are in and out of this word we know that world is a peaceful place to be.

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