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5 elegant ideas to get your living room festive ready

The festive season is upon us, and everyone is busy decking up their homes to mark the onset of celebrations with their loved ones. A beautiful home reflects the personality of its family and deserves special attention to detail, after all. Living room décor assumes significant importance during this time to welcome friends and family in grandeur and style. People often turn to new paint, wallpapers, curtains, furniture like tv cabinet design or center tables, wall décor, planters, plants, etc., to give their living room a refreshing new look.

If you’re looking for new creative ways to liven up your living room space this festive season, then look no further. This post will help you add a bit of sparkle, a pinch of magic, and a whole lot of love to your precious abode.

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Go bold with your wallpaper!

A wallpaper takes the entire look of a room several notches higher. It fills up the space creatively while sparing you from investing additionally in other wall décor items. Light shades, floral patterns, or abstract designs are popular wallpaper choices. Why not tread on the path less taken and go for something drastic instead? Consult with specific field experts and get the latest prints to make your guests fall in love with your walls at first sight!

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Choose the latest tv cabinet design

Most of the time living room furniture is pointed towards the tv set. Hence, all eyes, including yours, are invariably directed towards that wall and the trendy tv cabinet design that completes its look. Use this opportunity to tastefully showcase your distinct lifestyle and choices. Minimal, layered, stepped, storage, or with bookshelves and planters, there is umpteen number of tv cabinet design ideas to choose from. Adding a full wall frame with background highlights creates a beautiful mystical aura that’ll inspire you to plan your date night at home.

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Jazz up with a beautiful tapestry

Tapestry adds richness to your living room as nothing else can. From the days of yore palaces across the world have adorned it with panache and your living room is no less unique, isn’t it? It lends elegance in a subtle and aesthetic way without overpowering the other elements. Cushions, carpets, sofa covers, center table placement mats, wall hangings, and a lot more, use it anywhere and it works. Finesse and exclusivity fashionably tag along with it. That’s what you’re aiming for, right?

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Brighten up with lights and lamps

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make your home festive-ready. From wall lamps in different hues to jhoomers and fancy lights, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the amazing variety available. Lamps, both oil and electric, look perfect everywhere; your front door, living room, dinner table, balcony, bedroom, and even the bathroom. The best part is that you get a chance to support our indigenous brands and small businesses by buying from them and hopefully inspire others to follow.

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Deck up your wall with paintings

Paintings are a piece of art and a story in themselves. One of the most common forms of wall décor, they’re often picked up on a whim to fill up a space. However, they help set up the tone, positivity, and vibes of any room and must be selected with care. Don’t pick anything only for its beauty or shock value. That said, you don’t need to be an art connoisseur to flaunt your walls, either. Single or multiple-piece paintings with folk art, city landscapes, Gods, or historical figures, the whole world is the limit. Choose wisely.

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Festivities bring along with them endless conversations, food, and lots of laughter. Your cozy home décor adds an extra zing giving you that much-deserved pat on the back. This festive season enjoys your home and all the adulation that comes with being such a classy collector. 

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26 thoughts on “5 elegant ideas to get your living room festive ready

  1. Till date I haven’t found a wallpaper which last more than 3 years. And it looks very bad when it comes out from the sides. I will rather go for tapestry and paintings from the list you have mentioned.

  2. Wall.papers are always easy to add life to the dull living room and with lamps the whole setting changes. Recently added painting made by my father in living room and the corner is glowing with happiness.

  3. wow such a perfect post for upcoming festive season. I liked all the ideas you have shared here. wall paintings are looking so cool. would love to try something like this for my place too.

  4. Diwali is one of those festivals in India which brings people together and do decorating our homes for this festive month is a must and your ideas are going to help me.

  5. First of all, I’d like to greet you a happy Diwali and hope you enjoy your festivities! These are great decorating ideas! As I prepare as well for our own festivities…Christmas is a few months away!!!! I might use some of them as well.

  6. Omg Varsh… the wallpaper is like a painting… it’s a little too bold for my style😉 but I do like your suggestions n all the other pics too. I like the idea of doing one thing that changes the whole look eventually.

  7. I love the image of the wallpaper. If you have a large hall and tall ceilings such bold wallpapers work really well. The idea of the creative tapestry is also amazing. Lighting up with lamps is the most useful technique for any home.

  8. These tips are going to be very helpful, specially this festival season. I am going to invest in some lamps for my living room.

  9. I somehow loved the vibrant wall paper although I like muted colours. We are changing our sofa covers this Diwali and I am looking forward to that. We are getting these awesome range on amazon. they are just slip on for any size.All. your ideas are very doable, Varsha.

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