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Why your blog deserves the #MyFriendAlexa experience!

Blogging has evolved exponentially over the last few years paving way for many brilliant closet writers to become published authors. It has given voice to social causes, become a bankable career choice while giving bloggers a personal space and platform to express themselves. However, a blog is no more than a personal diary until it is found. Without a reader base it is like a lunch buffet with no one to relish it. Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign is the enabler that brings the proverbial ‘pyaasa to the kuan’. In this case, readers to your blog.

My association with Blogchatter started three years ago with the #MyFriendAlexa campaign. Despite blogging for several years before that I hadn’t taken website rankings seriously. In hindsight, that was rather naïve of me. If you’re a blogger who’s passionate about writing and wants to receive genuine feedback on your work, this campaign is just the thing for you. Stay with me as I guide you through the whys, hows and ahhas attached with it.

Why your blog deserves the #MyFriendAlexa experience_avibrantpalette

Why is Alexa Ranking significant for your blog?

Alexa ranking believes in the art of minimalism that ‘less is more’. It measures a website’s popularity in terms of number of visitors and reader engagement. A lesser rank is a mark of more popularity. It changes regularly and can be improved over time with conscious effort. So you see, shedding off is good for your blog and easy too!

How can #MyFriendAlexa help people find you?

With millions of websites around the world, driving traffic to your blog can be somewhat challenging. Whether you write for yourself or for brands, reader engagement is a huge motivating factor. How does one get it though?

While writing amazing plagiarism-free content is crucial, reading good blogs too plays a big role in improving your Alexa Rank. You just have to follow these simple campaign guidelines:

  • Starting from October 1, 2020 write 8 mandatory posts over a period of one month. As someone with experience, I would suggest you to have a theme which helps readers form a connect with your blog. Images grab attention so remember to add relevant ones. Also, try writing atleast half the posts before October so you can have dedicated time to read.
  • Read the blogs you’ve been asked to, comment and share them on social media platforms as required. Social media is monumental in driving traffic to your blog. Be active. Additionally, sharing others’ posts improves your reach and visibility too.
  • You’re added to an FB group created exclusively for this campaign where all updates, chats, lives etc are shared. Do keep an eye out for this since Blogchatter folks generously offer various practical tips you can imply like configuring social handles in your blog, engagement quality, etc.
  • You become part of a WhatsApp group created for addressing any concerns. These WhatsApp groups answer even your silliest queries in the most humble way. You’ll be surprised at how helpful the blogging community is!

That sounds fun and doable, doesn’t it? Your blog is a baby that you must nourish with inspiration, good content and audience love. This campaign helps you achieve all of these, and more!

The Ahha feeling you’ve been hankering after!

Having done #MyFriendAlexa twice, I can vouch for the amazing thrill one feels after seeing those numbers dipping instantly! Besides that, you get the opportunity to discover great new blogs as well. Thanks to the wonderful Blogchatter community, over the years many blogs and bloggers have become a part of my blogging journey.

Sounds good? Are you ready to take your blog to the next level already? Register here!

Blogchatter has a swanky new website that was unveiled in an awesome private Zoom party last week. Go explore it to know about all the exciting things lined up for bloggers. See you there!

14 thoughts on “Why your blog deserves the #MyFriendAlexa experience!

  1. I have been a part of MFA from last couple of years and every time it has been. wonderful experience. As you said, I had a theme decided for each MFA. It gives the readers a reason to come back to our website if they like our theme.

  2. Yes yes I am with you and agree on all reasons. I had participated in previous seasons of Alexa and had a great experience. Now feeling super excited and nervous too for this year s participation.

  3. I never participated in My friend Alexa and this year also I am very doubtful about my participation. You described well, why one should take part in MFA. Best wishes to you🌷

  4. True we all need something and some one to help us grow and we bloggers have such platforms to help us. I’ve recently joined blogchatter and excited to be a part of #myfriendalexa

  5. I participated in MyFriendAlexa last year and loved it. It was quite a wonderful experience reading some inspiring blog posts. I could never miss an opportunity to experience it again this year. I have registered already.

  6. Agree with all your pointers, Varsha. I have participated in MFA only once but I still remember the thrill of writing & reading through the month. I am planning to participate this year too but I still have to figure out the theme for the challenge.

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