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Choosing a Healthy lifestyle and Healthcare specialist in India

The silver lining in the dark times of the current pandemic has been the collective consciousness around health and fitness. Fitness isn’t a cosmetic solution and needs dedication and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Small changes like consuming warm homemade food, sleeping on time and meditation can help achieve a balance within. Personally, I’ve chalked out a fitness routine which includes cardio, yoga, upper and lower body workouts etc on set days of the week. Along with this I follow a strict diet too.

Following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that we’ll never need to consult with a doctor though. Whether for self or a family member, visiting a doctor is sometimes unavoidable. Is it as simple now as it was earlier? Definitely not. Even after observing all precautionary measures there’s a certain risk involved in stepping out.

There are apps for online payments, education, health, games and even workouts now. Wouldn’t it help if we could find the perfect specialist online which had it all figured out, could book appointments and save us from any added exposure?

Thanks to ILTakeCare app, it is possible. ILTakeCare app from ICICI Lombard is a great guide and helps us locate the right specialist for our needs. It makes the process of choosing the right specialist hassle-free and easy. The app uses your location and helps you find network hospitals in close proximity and virtual chat with fitness experts, nutritionist & dietitian. This saves you from undue stress and the worry of having to physically go out. Isn’t that a huge relief?

The Indian healthcare sector has seen a revolution in the past five years or so and is projected to have a rapid expansion with a market value of $280 million by 2020. Nearly 27% of our population is estimated to be insured. High time then, that we consider the challenges while finding the right specialist for your health in India.

We all knew the importance of investing in health insurance but the recent lockdown has driven the point home like never before. Exorbitant medical bills have toppled the finances of many families while the fear of a rebound is still looming large. Can we afford to take health insurance lightly anymore? No. It is a support we can rely on in times of emergency.

However, when it comes to health insurance, there is often apprehension coupled with slight ignorance. There are different kinds of policies available in the market and selecting one for our family may take a good looking into. ICICI Lombard health insurance is contact less and digital, along with the benefit of doctor tele-consultation. Remember the ILTakeCare app I spoke about just a few paras back? The app gets you the best plans and coverage at your fingertips, all from the comfort of your homes.

Personally, I’ve had a good experience for investing in a health insurance policy. Not only did it take care of my maternity expenses but also helped in other medical expenses in the family. So, I’d say go for a health insurance policy, it is for your own good!

Following a healthy lifestyle, the perfect specialist to guide you and a health insurance plan that suit your needs: can there be a better way to Restart Right?

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  1. It has become very important to choose the right health insurance provider in India. And ICICI Lombard’s health insurance solutions have proved to be the clear winner in this tough phase of life.

  2. It’s high time that people start taking their health and Health Insurance seriously. ILTakeCare app is really good as many of my friends have given great feedback about it. Will surely try this out .

  3. Take care app from ICICI Lombard is a perfect option to take care of our health needs, will check out this for sure. thanks for sharing details dear.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing about this IL Take Care App.. This is the requirement of the time to focus on a healthy lifestyle and take a good health insurance plan for us. I will check it out.

  5. Thanks for the great suggestion of taking up ICICI Lombard Health Insurance. In fact, with present COVID times health should be the priority.

  6. Your #Restartright experience was quite fascinating. ICIVI lombard’s healcare insurance solution have been proving to be beneficial for a lot. Even we are planning to go for it.

  7. Indians have always ALWAYS ignore health care. Somehow those how work at corporates have been able to explain the reason for opting to avail the health care insurance services to their parents. This blog validates the importance, and more so now!

  8. This app looks really helpful, will check it out. Even we are looking to upgrade our health insurance and want something which will cover our needs in the current times too. I will discuss this with my husband.

  9. We too have tried IL TakeCare app and times like these, it is indeed a boon for us. The pandemic has finally made us realize that health is wealth and it should be paid attention to.

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