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Productivity while working from home #CauseAChatter

Work from home has been an accepted, even preferred, choice by professionals for a variety of reasons. It cuts across borders, saves commute time, is cost effective and allows flexible timings. Personal productivity is good in the comfort of one’s home with nil office distractions. Planning the day around a set work schedule is relatively easier too.

However, these benefits don’t ring true for people who’ve been inadvertently forced into it. The recent Coronavirus scare has left most people with no choice other than consenting to this alternate method of working. Work from home requires a different work culture and it can be tad stressful to understand and imbibe it overnight.

Being a blogger and freelance content writer I can admit knowing a thing or two about it though. I’m sharing some simple tips here to help you get some perspective about how productive working from home can be. Hope this helps reduce any undue stress and makes it a pleasant experience for you.

Maintain your routine

Early to bed and early to rise; this diktat shouldn’t change if you’re working from home. Make sure that you follow your daily routine irrespective of whether others are following theirs or not. Prepare your mind to function despite the television blaring, kids creating a ruckus or househelps entering or leaving the room. Dress up in formal wear to get into work mode and maintain your productivity.

Plan your domestic chores

It takes a hundred things to keep a home in order, and then some more. Man or woman, everyone has to contribute in its upkeep. Right from buying grocery to paying off the laundry guy, everything needs attention. Make lists in advance, prioritise, coordinate with your family and delegate if you can. This will save your time and energy for pressing work matters, if any.

Create your workspace

This might need some effort since, lets face it, this isn’t your regular workspace. Find a comfortable place/corner where your laptop, documents and other work material won’t be disturbed. Make sure that you have good bandwidth and lighting there for better productivity. Although temporary, give it a personal touch with frames, stickers or indoor plants. Workspace should be sacrosanct, shouldn’t it?

Work but not 24*7

Set firm boundaries for a successful work from home turn. Don’t let your employers take undue advantage of your time and availability. Log in and log out on pre-decided timings and don’t cater to their whims and fancies unless there’s a real emergency. Additionally, request your family to keep silence, maintain decorum and keep you unperturbed while working.

Take short breaks and relax

Your body and mind can feel inert if you’re holed up in the same place for too long. Move around the room, stretch your body or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your family. Try to rest your eyes by keeping them away from screens for a while. Don’t overeat just because warm homemade food is readily available. This might make you feel lethargic and affect your productivity. Remember, you may be home but work is business as usual.

This was my second post in the Health and Wellness series with #CauseAChatter. I would love your feedback on it and appreciate any suggestions too. Don’t forget to leave a word.

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20 thoughts on “Productivity while working from home #CauseAChatter

  1. Work from home is all about how well we divide our time . It has its own pluses and minuses but proper time management is the key

  2. Awesome tips Varsha, and I follow most of them, especially with morning routine, I try to be quick and regular with all chores. and this small step helps me in stay organized and productive all day. I like the idea of getting dress up. will try it for sure.

  3. Working from home is not easy nor is it fun. Your practical tips, if followed, will assure that it will at least be a good experience too. Loved the post!

  4. Taking short breaks and trying to keep the home is what keeps us going.This is trying times and this post is a lovely read.

  5. Working from home in these times can be a boon and tiring in it’s own way.But it’s the best we can do under the circumstances.Great tips

  6. These are very good tips Varsha. We also follow morning routine and by 9am I am done with mopping too, so that rest of the day is spent without any fuss. It’s only that my younger one sometimes does not take afternoon nap and my writing schedule goes for toss.

  7. It is really difficult for people to adjust to the work from home scenario all of a sudden who are used to the perfect office hours. These are some helpful tips.

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