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My Vitamin Glee

The mirror has a thousand stories to tell. It sees and shows everything without holding anything back for our sake. What do you see when you look at the mirror? Does that face staring back at you look drawn and those eyes reflect the sadness of lost opportunities? Or has vitamin glee wiped that word off your face and life and left you only with imminent self-adulation?

Hi, I’m Varsh; a positive thinker, a karma believer and most of all, an unapologetic self-lover. I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and a lot more. Do these relations define who I am though? Certainly, not. I might occasionally crave for approval from them but would choose to be the source of and reason for my own happiness. This might sound narcissistic but, trust me, it isn’t.

Women are conditioned to prioritise everyone and everything over themselves. Their choicest blessings are reserved for family and friends while they wouldn’t spare a moment to seek something for themselves. Selflessness is good but there’s the risk of running out of reserves some day. How can you give love and happiness when you have none left within?

If life has taught me anything it is that one cannot serve from an empty pot. Whatever role a woman is playing, she binds people together. Why not pamper yourself with some vitamin glee and play every role better? This revelation came to me a couple of years ago and since then I haven’t looked back.

I was and still am an SAHM but the shift in attitude has made me calmer, happier and if I may so, a joy to be around.

From finding excuses to curl up in bed I now wake up at 5 and go for a jog.

I once ate my kids’ leftovers but they’re now firmly expected to take less food on the plate and finish it.

My husband carped earlier and has finally made peace with trying healthy food options when we eat out.

I started the #FitBagadias and #FitnessWithVarsh series on Instagram and my blog which got a great response.

I’ve started choosing who can lay claim on my time and how much. Also, there’s no place for negative people in my life. 

Most of all, my work, my writing and my personal space is a concept people have begun to understand well.

We had a college reunion last month. My friends were almost shocked to see my transformation, not just in physical terms but mentally and emotionally too. I feel confident about myself and have never proclaimed self-love so unabashedly before. This radiant positivity has helped in developing a joyful atmosphere at home as well. My kids see me as more than a mom who cooks for them while my husband loves to imbibe tidbits about blogging and social media influencers. Such kind of acknowledgement and acceptance is truly precious!

Does this mean that my family isn’t a priority for me anymore? Of course not! My kids were and are my lifeline. As of now I’m happy to see their perception of me gradually changing. I want to set an example and bring them up to be as self-assured and secure as I feel about myself. An expectant mother is advised a good dose of vitamin glee for her foetus’ good health too, isn’t she? Why change that now? Don’t be a victim, be the cause that will never make you one!

Special credits and hugs to Mayuri for the title of this post. My go-to friend for anything and everything!

“This post is a part of ‘The Woman That I Am’ Blog Hop #TheWomanThatIAm organized by Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul #RRxMM. The Event is sponsored by Kraffitti.”

68 thoughts on “My Vitamin Glee

  1. Loved reading your positive post. It is so important to be confident about yourself and about the choices you make and when the people close to you support you, it adds to your happiness. I am so glad you realized what you needed to do to be happy and give priority to the one person we neglect the most; ourselves. Brilliant post

  2. Amazing post, best moment when you found your worth, understands your value and care, very true self care is not about being selfish it’s only means that you started investing in your own through ME TIME. Glad to know that you found your own worth, wish you GOOD LUCK to being stick in future also, and yes I will definitely check your insta post series related to fitness Varsha.

  3. Very beautiful thoughts! A story that almost every woman can relate to, and a story that is a part of each woman at various stages in her life. Absolutely Loved it!

  4. Hey Varsh such a relatable post. Yes we have responsibilities but we women should have the me time to get that happiness vitamin to.spread to everyone in family. You family acknowledge your work its great. Keep the spirits high!!

  5. Such an inspiring post. It is great to know that you yourself became the reason of your own transformation. This post is for all SAH mothers who thinks they dont have anything to look upon other taking care of kids and house. For me, the takeaway is I should focus more on my health and fitness. This is one area I always ignore. It was great reading your motivating post Varsh.

  6. Wow Varsha it seemed as if you are writing my story and I’m so happy to read you have learnt to proclaim self-love which brings about positivity in your life and your aura now reflects joyful atmosphere at home. The lesson you learnt few years ago I learnt recently and now I also meditate and give time to self so I can fill my soul to brim so I can share and spread the positivism, happiness and smiles. Loved the woman in you and the post too.

  7. Loved the title Varsh! The beginning was so me!! Glad to know you are passionate about self love. While reading thoroughly, I was enjoying how you have defined your vitamin glee. Loved the way you described yourself in a carefree tone. Love and respect.

  8. Wow varsha, thisi have read something really very relevant post… We women basically can do anything for everyone else except us. This is really important to take some important steps for ourselves… Very interesting way to present, I like it… Thanks for sharing your treasure of words…

  9. Self love is the need of this hour. Not just for woman but for everyone. Understanding and taking it in the right spirit for ourselves is very tough but the way you have explained it seems doable. I am looking forward to bring some changes for me too. I need to put my health at too priority. Thanks for sharing dear.
    Urvashi #damurureads

  10. Loved your title!! Such and inspirational post. It is so important to understand what you love and go ahead and do it. When you do what you love you take care of yourself in a way and that gives the right dose of vitamin glee. Keep doing what you love always.

  11. Lovely post Varsh. Being selfish is not wrong at all. In-fact I believe that we are ourselves responsible for our own well being. Good writing and a lovely post Varsh. Good luck to you 🙂
    — rightpurchasing

  12. I liked your idea of loving yourself first and everything else will follow on its own… Well accounted… More power to you and yes no space for negative people

  13. I have indeed realised the importance of self love. How it transforms u and ur family. There is happiness around u if u invest even an iota of the daily time in urself. Loved ur post with practical solutions for every lady out there.

  14. My mirror still shows a lot of flaws. You attitude is where I want to be and am trying to be. I have watched your transformation over the past couple of years, physically and in your writing. More power to you and your words.

  15. As a woman and as a wife, mother, daughter law, we don’t have the right to think about ourselves first. I guess if we do we judge by society. I am glad you wrote about this. You mentioned beautifully self-love is as important as other responsibilities. I loved the post and your honesty and positivity. God bless you dear one thing more your transformation journey inspired a lot and I am a part of this. Best wishes!

    Deepika Mishra

  16. It’s always important to love yourself and feel good about self. I have seen a but of your journey, thanks to social media so so proud of you. Xoxo

  17. Varsha, positivity is so contagious. You simply want to attach yourself with it as soon as you see it. Loved your post, from the title to the end. Keep writing, keep influencing. A happy mother creates happy and confidant children.


  18. I do see a transformation in you on FB . Great that you make a balance between self love and family . Saw your marathon pics too . I m inspired . Heading to your insta now

  19. This post is a perfect example for the mothers or homemakers who feel that they have lost their space (inner space) most importantly the way you have acknowledged your personal growth is what we all should focus on at this age. It will take us to the places we have never been. A great read Varsh, and yes I do follow your fitness stories 🙂

  20. This is such a positive and honest post. You’re absolutely right that we cannot spread happiness if we are not happy. We need our space and it’s great to see your family understanding and supporting it. Hugs.

  21. Loved your post, Varsha. The title was the cherry on top. To be a caregiver, one needs to take care of oneself first. Let’s stop shaming women and particularly mothers for putting themselves first. Keep inspiring.

  22. Putting yourself first is a must life-lesson for every woman I believe, we must do it sooner or later , it becomes easier if people around the woman support her cause. all the best for all your ventures.

  23. Life changes when we start loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves. It was wonderful reading about your life. When we are filled with love, we can easily radiate it to people around us. Keep being the magic that you are and keep spreading your light wherever you go.

  24. Life changing movement are more powerful as we seems to be strong enough to feeling you in your writing the way you express just amazing 😊

  25. You have written a very positive and motivating post Varsh..It is very important to radiate positivity to repel the negativities in your life..Your happiness and peace will further enhance the quality of life of your family and friends.. Your post left me surrounded with such a happy and peaceful aura..All the best for a wonderful life ahead..

  26. Vitamin glee is a great title. When one transforms oneself to be a confident person, that is the best self development. That is the stepping stone for further success.

  27. Varsha I Had felt that you are talking to me and I had felt an immensely positive aura of freshness and feel good feeling after reading your post. The post is must read for all women who feel lack of confidence due to typical housewife routine. At the end, it is all about our attitude that makes a huge difference. And ya.. love the title of post. Thanks to mayuri.

  28. Wow, splendid panned. We seem that as a woman our first priority only our family but it so important to understand what you love and what you want to do in your life and when you understand and take care of yourself and that gives you the right dose of vitamin glee. Much love and keep inspiring.


  29. I have watched you transform Varsha, and as I always say, your journey is inspirational. The fact that you keeping at it , even more so. As for being a SAHM mom, it is the most difficult job in the world and you rock it!

  30. Super! Better late than never! One has to energise herself to be able to deal with the 24 hours every day! Am so glad you found your Vitamin pill for the same!

  31. As a SAHM myself, I find this post inspring, Varsh. This post filled me with positivity too. I agree that we all need a bit of pampering with vitamin glee.

    Meena from

  32. Self love, self respect and self esteem are three words that can change our attitude to a great extent. Until and unless we learn to see ourselves as an individual first and then in other hats, we cannot change our current situation. I haven’t met you in person but from your post I can definitely say that you have understood the true meaning of self love.

  33. You are an inspiration. I am also following such regime and it has helped me a lot physically as well as emotionally. Keep inspiring.

  34. Yeah I believe in being happiness from within by doing things that make you happy and delegate other things that you are expected to do but don’t really make you happy.

  35. Varsh! It is so amazing to read a transformation story. Yes. Until we don’t realise it and get up for that jog… Nothing happens. Your post is so true in terms of the simple things like the leftovers and choosing healthy options when one eats out. I, too have done these things and infact asked my child to keep the leftover roti and subji to have it the next day or the next meal.
    Similar stories, I liked the way you presented it.

  36. This is such an excellent post Varsha. I have been reading your posts for such a long time and I can totally see your growth as a wonderful writer. All the best for many more of such gems.

  37. This is a very positive post and so inspiring. You inspire a lot of women out there. Thanks for writing this.

  38. Such a simple truth woven with reality.
    Mirror does speak the reality and it shows the inside out too.

    Just loved the way you connected the preconditioning mindset to the unapologetic you

    Good one and thanks for this treat

  39. You are so right Varsha- women really are the binding factor for many families and households, and their happiness often is the reason and the catalyst of the happiness of their family members! A lovely post, and I am glad you have infused yourself with a healthy dose of vitamin glee.

  40. This is one post that eveyone must read. Am glad you threw light upon your own growth after you started giving importance to self care. This should be good enough to inspire us to start taking care of ourselves, sooner the better. Happy that you are a part of this blog hop and you are spreading so much positivity through your post 🙂

  41. Whatever role a woman is playing, she binds people together – wow this really sums it up. From being there glue to being their glee you have done an amazing transformation. Kudos to you. Keep spreading the positivity. Self love is most imp. Great post.
    #RRxMM #TheWomanThatIAm

  42. I regularly follow you on IG. Love your post. True self love can bring a lot of changes in a person. I am unable to do it. would definately connect with you for the same. If you could guide me would be great.

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