Can a small lifestyle change go a long way in contributing towards the betterment of our environment? Yes it can. Just as we’re creating awareness about banning plastic, recycling waste or planting tress, going for eco-friendly options wherever possible is the road ahead for us. What truly matters is moving out of our comfort zone and accepting the change wholeheartedly.

I made the shift to menstrual cup after many women raved about the ease and comfort it provided. The fact that there was no need to check or clean up frequently throughout the day sounded like a big relief. The biggest clincher though was that I could completely do away with sanitary napkins. My tiny step for the environment!

Everteen Menstrual Cup

Everteen menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicon and is reusable for as long as 10 years. It offers 12 hour leak free protection and is completely safe to use. You can stay clean and dry and freely indulge in activities like sports, yoga or swimming. It keeps you free from menstrual odour, is extremely comfortable and doesn’t lead to any kind of skin irritation.

It comes with a detailed instruction guide which will answer any questions you may have. There are cups available in two sizes which you can choose depending on your flow. The box it comes in is strong and sturdy. There’s also a cute pink pouch to store your cup. Do remember to clean your intimate area and the cup with Natural Intimate Wash after every use and before storing.

My experience:

I struggled a bit on the first day since despite reading the instructions carefully I couldn’t set it properly. It felt intrusive (an overreaction) and every time I moved I felt its presence. I kept fidgeting with it which led to some staining too.

However, I wasn’t one to give up and tried again the next day. Fortunately, it not only passed the heavy flow test but also managed to keep me clean and dry. Also, I had to empty it only twice in the entire day which was great.

By the fifth day I had made the switch once and for all. Not once did I want to go back to my earlier ways. I felt a new-found freedom to move around and was happy for my choice!

My verdict:

This is a must-try option and quite convenient. I was impressed that I didn’t have to miss out on my workouts for fear of staining. I could sleep in peace. There was no trouble while travelling either which will be a boon for working women. It is cost-effective too. I would definitely recommend it.

While we’re making countless efforts for the sake of our environment, this is one change that truly begins at home. Why not play a small part and effect a huge revolution? What do you think? Would you make the switch too?

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11 thoughts on “A lifestyle change for the environment

  1. I have heard and read about menstrual caps. But somehow still not able to convince myself to go for it. May be some day.

  2. I have been thinking of trying the Menstrual Cup for a while now as I have been hearing positive things about it. Your detailed and informative post is encouraging me to try it sooner. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I had heard a lot about menstrual cup but honestly varsha, I had always felt a sense of apprehension about it. thanks a lot to you for sharing your honest feedback about it. will surly try to use it in near future.

  4. It’s really important that our lifestyle should never harm the environment and if we can do this it’s the best thing. I have not used these menstrual cup but will sure try!!

  5. I have always been intrigued by this cup but i have never gotten around using it. Your review makes it look so convenient.

  6. Indeed switching to menstrual cups is good step towards saving environment. I’ve not tried this before. But from your experience I would like to try

  7. menstrual cups are a revolutionary idea, everyone should switch to them as it can be very helpful for our environment as well

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