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  1. hahah that is cute. My son when asked to say 1 to 10 says just that “1 to 10” smart eh

    1. Haha! Oh yes, they are very smart. Can make us feel like fools. 😉

  2. Hahahaha!!! Probably, every young kid thinks about that….”sahi pakde hain…!!”

    1. Bilkul sahi pakde hain. When I say it is wrong she asks cutely, “Arre kyun??” What do I say?

  3. Haha.. Smart question.

    1. Indeed! ????

  4. Hahaha your kid will get to know about it when he will himself have kid

    1. I would love to watch what she says to her kid. ????

  5. Lovely toddler ! 🙂

    1. Thank you Megala. ????

  6. Haha, this is so cute and yes making them learn numbers is actually a big deal!

    1. Yes! Not just numbers, she very sweetly mixes up rhymes too and doesn’t accept her mistake. ????

  7. hehehe.. true isn’t it. It’s all about knowing your numbers.

    1. In a way, true. Sadly we grown ups aren’t comfortable with wrong order. ????

  8. This is called creative thoughts ????????????

    1. Haha, ya. Creativity knows no boundaries or rules. ????

  9. Nisha Malik says:

    That’s so cute. My son can manage 1 to 10, but starts babbling from 11 to 20…

    1. Boys are good. My son was good too. This girl is a different package altogether! ????

      1. Nisha Malik says:

        But I have always heard girls are faster than boys to learn things…

        1. They are, but they are more opinionated and temperamental too. Don’t follow anyone or anything easily.

  10. Hahahah that is super cute.

    1. Thank you Preetjyot. ????

  11. Bedazzleu Esha Dogra says:

    Hehehe! This is a super cute post. Toddlers are the best entertainers ????

    1. Best and tireless entertainers. They don’t need breaks. ????

  12. Ha ha So true! Kids are amazing ????

    1. They indeed are, Tripti. ????

  13. That’s a cute thing.. Kids are amazing

    1. I agree. ????

  14. snehalboricha says:

    Ahahaha! ???? I was very bad at memorising numbers!

    1. You too did the same to your mom? Please say no…!

  15. Seriously Its a tough task to learn them 1 to 10 in serial order. My little one also skips many numbers in between

    1. It is, I guess. I don’t bother her too much. Right now it is just about having fun. ????

  16. Haha this is so cute.. It’s about knowing numbers

    1. Thank you so much. ????

  17. Very cute indeed. My 3 year old wanted to change the alphabet A. Why do we call it A? I want to call it W. Left me dumbfounded

    1. Haha! I can understand how you must’ve felt. Our evolved minds cannot grasp their free and innocent imagination.
      Thanks for reading. This made me smile! 🙂

  18. Reminds me so much of my daughter!!

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