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My partner, M #NaBloPoMo day 8

Bottling up emotions is never a bright idea. One cannot predict when the glass will break and its tiny shards, mixed with the remnants of your torn self, will be strewn all over the place to become a sad display for everyone to look at.

No matter how auspicious the day, for me and my family it entails the likes of a curse now. While we light up and decorate our homes to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali, a year ago on this very day the heart and soul of our cosy little nest left us all forever.

My mind sent constant reminders to my heart that she is in a better place now and finally free of her pain and misery. She lived a full life. Despite everything, my husband’s family and my kids deserved to celebrate and I had to be a part of the festivities.

I didn’t breathe a word, neither to A nor to my Dad, about the flood of memories that was engulfing me throughout the day. The events of the year before, minute by minute, were playing in my mind like a gloomy film.

Then, M pinged me. M has been my friend for a long time now. He is like a spirit that watches over you and makes its presence felt just when you are about to tumble in a ditch. I deeply regret not being closer to him earlier.

M sent me Diwali wishes and I replied with a mere, “Can we talk?” He called immediately, and as if on cue the ganga – jamuna in my eyes broke all barriers. Possibly expecting it, he was amazingly patient and kept repeating, “Partner, please don’t cry. Aunty’s watching you. Do you want her to be sad?”

His voice that day was more soothing for me than Angel’s hug. Some people are like that. I’m extremely proud and fond of M for the person he was and still is. His impressive personal and professional achievements haven’t changed him one bit.

A fun partnership that we created one day at our college café to plot disposing off of the frustratingly nosy HOD of his department with our bare hands, has certainly evolved and come a long way.“Even when we are in a relationship or married, this partnership is exclusive. It will never break.” He had said, and I agreed.

True to his word, he is still my partner. Thanks M.

34 thoughts on “My partner, M #NaBloPoMo day 8

    1. Ah…there are so many I’ve lost on the way. I felt bad for it earlier, but now I just believe it was meant to happen that way. All we can do is cherish people and their company as long as we are together.

      1. Everyone has his own path….. A different destiny….. People will come and go but few will always stay back… And you will keep on meeting new ones… In the age of technology you will meet many more…. Few virtual few real……. ????????

    1. Really Bikram. I discovered this bond with him a little later in life, but I’m glad I did at least. Thanks…and its true…life goes on. ☺

  1. You are blessed to have such a lovely friend in M. Life becomes much beautiful with such warm and caring souls. Stay blessed and take care, Varsh!

  2. The ones that are meant to stay, will stay no matter what. And the rest of them don’t matter. I’m so sorry for your loss (when it’s my turn, I know I’ll be inconsolable). I’m so glad you have M! Huggggs!

    1. There are some we seek out, and then there are some who make their presence felt when we least expect it. M belongs to the second category.
      The loss is for life now. Learning to live with it somehow. Thanks for your kind words. Huggggs dear! ☺

  3. People come n go but some friends stay forever… have very few with me too n love them to bits though I don’t really show ????… N I am sure Aunty must have been with u all too that day, proud of the way you all handled n celebrated Diwali ????

    1. I seldom show too, atleast not to the person’s face. This time though I asked M to read this post, and he did. He was speechless and in tears. What more can I ask than the fact that he felt it? ☺

  4. A loss of a parent is lifelong and the vacuum can never be filled up and with each passing moment, we miss them more and more. But glad that there is great solace in the form of a sidekick who is a guardian angel and a knight in shining armour and we rarely come across such a person who can be comforting and caring!

    1. So right you are. The vacuum can never be filled up. There are so many moments of sadness and helplessness that one can sail through only with the help of such loving people. I’m glad I have him.

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