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A Child's life #NaBloPoMo day 9

As vacations ended yesterday, I had to pick up and move my lazy self to get back to the routine of cramming everything else in my yet unset morning along with ironing A Jr’s school uniform, helping him out in finishing his holiday homework, preparing and packing his favourite tiffin snacks on time and finally dropping him off to school.

As excited as he was to get back to his class and friends, acclimatising myself to this mundaneness yet again was proving taxing for me. It didn’t help having a hyper-active toddler at home who cried her eyeballs out when her Dad left for work in the morning, leaving me with an advanced version of my passed-on crankiness. I knew a repeat telecast was in the offing when A Jr would leave for school.

Would I be branded as the evil cantankerous mother if I snapped at A Jr for nagging me a hundred times throughout an already cluttered morning “Mamma, you didn’t stick that thing…Mamma, have you prepared my tiffin…Mamma, you have to sharpen my pencils…” and so on? I can lose my patience sometimes too, right? :-/

I mean, the guy is 8 now, and God knows I have raised him as an independent boy who doesn’t need me round the clock for every small thing. Ever since Angel joined us I have only supervised him while packing his own bag, taking a bath or getting dressed for school. He likes being treated like a big boy and follows whatever I tell him closely.

Did I act rashly on a momentary lapse of judgement? May be it was just his overzealous childlike enthusiasm? I apologised to him immediately after that and explained to him my inability to function with him hovering over my head like a wayward humming satellite. Everything I needed to do would be done, without his prompts.

His reaction to it was much more mature than the one about our discussion in the evening over the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees currency (He asked us, “Is all our money going to go waste? Are we going to be poor now?”). After convincing him that all was well, we had to transport him to his room to see Big Hero on the laptop while we talked to our friends and relatives about the repercussions of it and what our immediate priorities to secure our money should be.

Following this emotional atyachar with his innocent mind at night, my poor dear woke up to the news of the US Presidential elections this morning. One look at the CNN reporter and he chose to dig into the sports page of TOI, quietly. Once done skimming through it, all he was interested in was, “What’s for breakfast?” 🙂

And, we think a child’s life is easy! At least we know why to worry and what about. I’m sorry for this melodrama, but I can only think of one Akshay Kumar line right now. “Bacche ki jaan loge kya?” 😀 Like, seriously? 🙂 😛

25 thoughts on “A Child's life #NaBloPoMo day 9

    1. We have to admit that they might not understand it all but they observe everything. We need to handle them carefully.
      The line was a spur of the moment thing. It fitted the post though. ????

  1. ???? ????.. the last line… to think of it, today’s kids have lots n lots of understanding n things to take care compared to what I did at my childhood ????… n let’s not even go to the adult monetary problems of black n white… if only life didn’t have grey in between ????

    1. As kids we were very relaxed and could be vain and still be loved and not egged on to try and do better. The situation is harder for them for sure. Isn’t the line apt? ???? I wish I had added a short video with AK saying it. ????
      Black..white…grey…all shall be out now. Adults can’t run or hide. ????

      1. Haha… u should have added the video, more impactful ????… true the competition is too high compared to what we had… Nowadays i find parents always telling how their kids come first or second, n how disspointed the child is that they came lower than first… n i am like i cant even recollect if i ever came first in class ????????????????????

        1. I’m going to do that…adding the video ????????
          A Jr had taken after his Dad, so I don’t have to worry about his rank. He does well. Morever, they have grades now. I never stood first, ever! ???? Scored well always, but it remained unattainable always. Don’t think it really matters in the long run.

  2. Bringing up kids these days is proving difficult !! May the God give you more patience to deal with them all !
    He looks like a very smart boy !

    1. He is, and I’m proud of him. The thing is that we cannot rely on tried and tested ways now and every hild needs to be handled differently. It gets tough to make out what to do with them. Thank you..and wish the same for you. ????

  3. I know its so tiring getting them ready for school. But Live the Moments with Glee, because once they grow up, they won’t come running to you with their problems, they just lock themselves up with their laptops and phones.

    1. How right you are! I enjoy it all. Just that it was a trying day for me too and for a few moments I lost my cool. They grow up faster than we think and like you mentioned rightly, prefer technology over us.

    1. Oh! Yes, the line in a way summarises the whole post perfectly. I tried a lot, but there’s no way I can explain it in English without losing its flavour. 🙁

  4. the best thing you we can learn from children is not to waste time and keep yourself engaged……. and how to delegate work and take regular feedback’s……. they are the best project managers…..

    but these moments are to cherish…… life goes on…. enjoy every moment of it….. cheers

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