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An affair of a different kind #NaBloPoMo day 7

“Let me go, please. A part of me will always be with you. You know that.” came the pitiful urge.

“No! Please don’t say that. I promise I will care for you like I always did.” I said, holding on closely.

Years have gone by. The sine wave of our relationship has seen all its crests and troughs and managed to stick around the median most of the time. On good days we’ve shone together in all our lustrous glory, while on bad days, dull and listless, both of us have had a mind and body of our own.

Our love concoction brewed at a leisurely pace. From being barely noticeable to being the designer of the personality I never knew I had, I would be utterly disrespectful if I didn’t give it credit where it’s due. I know I haven’t said it enough, but yes, I’m deeply indebted for its love I’ve been blessed with.

That oblivious tickling for seeking my attention, that roughness around the edges when I’m otherwise occupied or ignorant, those occasional cute silent threats of leaving me desolate and exposed; I like them all. Love can be demonstrated in the strangest of ways. Isn’t it wonderful to be desired like this? 🙂

The time we get to spend together is fervent and special. My fingers can’t get enough of the smooth touch, my eyes ogle up and down the length of it and my olfactory senses are heightened after it steps out of a hot shower with me. Wet and wild, it is at its naughtiest best, kissing my neck and cheeks and leaving soggy trails of its visit.

This morning, when I finally got back to my love after almost a week of running around and travelling, it responded coldly and shed off a huge chunk of itself in retaliation. It was followed by the conversation in the beginning of this post. I had to oil it up and cajole it somehow with a promise to be there from now on. The labour of love, uff! :-/

If you haven’t guessed by now, this is my hair story. 😀 😛 In case you feel I just claimed a trip to the shrink for writing a whole post on this, I wish you go bald as a punishment for being cynical. 😉 😀

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  1. Haha…..a good one Varsha. You kept me guessing till the very end ????????

    1. I wasn’t sure it was getting across. It was a strange way to put it that way, but I had fun writing it. ????????????

      1. And I had fun reading it ????????????

        1. I got a bit carried away it seems though ????????

  2. Touching <3

    1. Really? Thanks. ????

      1. Yea 🙂

        1. ????

  3. phewwwww.. hair story.. kill you making me thinking too much..;)

    1. Ahha…where all did the imaginative Akhi’s wild horses run? Tell me…tell me. ;););)

      1. you know where I took my horse..;)

        1. Naughty girl 😆;)

          1. ha

          2. Lol 😂😂

  4. I was like what is she writing. . A bit forward I thought until the last few lines..

    You know fine I am ok with going bald.. and taking the punishment when you making a appointment .. ????????????????????

    1. You are reading my blog for a long time and know that I don’t post ‘forward’ stuff. If I got you confused then the purpose of the post was served. ????????????????
      Why should I make the appointment. You do it? ????

      1. I will for getting bald..


        1. Kya baat hai ????????????

          1. nahin baat to kuch bhi nahin hai 🙂 🙂

          2. Hai to sahi…bald hone ki itni excitement…pehli baar dekhi maine. Yahan mera husband bechara jhadte hue baalon pe udaas hota hai. ????????

          3. well I have no choice.. jhad jhad ke bald hi ho raha hoon 🙂 might as well go all out singing and dancing 🙂 he he he he

          4. Ohho..matlab mere kandhe pe bandook rakhke chalaoge. Smart huh. ????????????

          5. JJEEEEESSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssss

  5. aha….. mu imagination was running horses….. till the end….. a taste of twist…. i always wonder why dont women go bald…. why only men….. great injustice….

    1. That was the intention….to make your imagination horses run and then leash them. ????
      Women bald too. Who said they don’t? They just take care and attend to themselves better.

      1. Achcha jee…. Mujhe to Abhi tak ek bhi nahi mili…. ????????

        1. Wo meri galti ya mera lookout nahi hai ????

          1. Your lookout I hope is not bald…..????????????

          2. Oh god…itna lamba post likh daala…aur ab bhi ye batana padega? 😥

          3. Post se lag raha hai ki Abhi kuch bache hai….. Bald hone ki naubat nahi hai Abhi…..????????

          4. Kuch nahi…kaafi bache hain…aur beauty enhancement mein integral hain. ????

          5. Aye haye….. Beauty….. Kya baat hai jee….. ????????

          6. ????

          7. ???????? ???????? ????

  6. I am already punished enough so I would never ever refer you to a head shrinker…hilarious and lot of imagination in this..

    1. Punished? What for? Even if I go to one, I don’t think a shrink can help me. Faulty wiring in the head. Irreplaceable. ????????

      1. NO I mean my baldness…

        1. Oh. Sorry didn’t get that.

          1. Cool…buddy..

          2. You are very sporty. I like that. ????????

  7. Good one…could not figure out till the very end!

    1. Is it? The ploy seemed to have worked then. Thanks dear. ☺

  8. Hahahaha. Good one. I was sooo sure it was about a phone 😛 Well done, girl!

    1. Haha! I had what I wanted to write in mind. I’m glad I could retain the suspense factor till the end. Thanks. ????????

  9. ha ha…good one there !

    1. Hey Uma…you are in Chennai right? Can you suggest some places I can go…I’m here till evening. Or sambar rice…I don’t mind. ???? Just kidding! ????????

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