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Confessions of a toddler #2


It is your fetish to doll me up. I reserve my right to not co-operate! :-/

~ Confession of a hassled toddler

37 thoughts on “Confessions of a toddler #2

    1. They have very specific tastes and know what they want. Kids nowadays don’t go with just anything. They don’t agree if they don’t want to. ????

  1. I haven’t reached that stage in parenthood though,thanks for the sneaky peak lol.maybe you could try giving her 2 or 3 choices and she decides..that way she believes she’s stood her grounds.. when really you’ve used master-trickery lol

    1. Haha…the fun part starts once the kid start exploring the world out of his bed! If it is a girl the fun is twice as much. ???? I ask for her ‘opinion’ even before dressing her up. The choice is hers all the time. It isn’t even trickery. ????????????

      1. Looks like she’s got you fooled instead!????but it is such a blessing,we must wish our children to be better with each generation to come, so that they can develop the best character and and genetics to pass on.I’ve got a daughter,she’s just had her first birthday and she’s a hand full and a half…I’ve become a supermum and a fulltime entertainer in process!

        1. Fooled, yes.???? You are right. We only want them to develop their own wings and take flight. I would like to believe they somehow get better with each generation. A daughter’s mom can understand exactly what I feel. I hear you…fulltime entertainer. So am I! ????????

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