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Banned from living


They tied me down with different names

And used my body to ravage and lure

They snatched my life away from me

And on ‘those’ days called me impure

They banned my right to make a choice

And curbed my spirit with some new excuse

They put me on a pedestal and prayed to me

In their hearts, did they know it was a ruse?

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  1. the title caught my attention, so I read your post and I’m glad I did … great stuff!

    1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment justus. ☺

  2. a cruel way of life !

    1. Indeed!

  3. Deep and heart touching!

    1. Thanks Kavita. 🙂

  4. Riveting and powerful!

    1. Thanks Deb. ????( I can call you that right?)

  5. sadly it happens still .. I dont know what to say..

    1. We can only try and effect a change. Start from our own homes and set an example.

  6. Kept on a pedestal yet squashed under feet…. a story behind most closed doors indeed!…

    1. True. 🙁

  7. What you have depicted is a ritual that robs women of respect and dignity.

    1. ..and it is rampant everywhere in the world. Some fight, while some are crushed and silenced.

  8. wow amazing….. you have very powerfully described this in words…… great going…..

    1. Thanks Sudhir. The reality is far worse than this, but I hope I could show what a woman goes through in her life…

      1. It’s nice that things are seen and being taken up by few….. Such issues need to be taken up…. Nice that you brought it up so nicely….. ????????

        1. Thanks Sudhir. It is high time women speak up and demand the respect and dignity they deserve.

          1. True….. Nice to see that Things are changing…. ????????

          2. More inclusion is required. This needs to go down to each level for something to actually happen.

          3. Things are also reversing now….. In this so called modern society… Sometimes men also need to be heard specially after marriage…..????????

          4. Ask them to speak out like women are doing. Might help.

          5. That’s the problem…. They can’t raise their voice….. ????????

          6. To phir bhugto! ????????????

          7. Yahi to….. Yahi to sari problem hai…. Shadi ke Baad sari situation change ho jaati hai…. ????????????????????????????

          8. Ek hi baat leke baithe rahoge to problem hogi hi ????????????????????

          9. Achcha jee….. ????????

  9. no, never the devils will know the soul behind it…

    1. That’s why woman needs to become a Kali or Durga and remind them that the soul gets hurt too!

      1. True,never be sitas

        1. Yes…

  10. True story! Happens with countless women all over the world… 🙁

    1. It sure does. Wonder when it will stop. 🙁

  11. A beautiful poem highlighting the inhumane treatment women are subjected to!! Thank u for writing a poem on such an important issue. Great job????

    1. When we feel strongly about something the words start taking form on their own. Looking around me and finding women treated like a piece of flesh makes my heart break and blood boil.
      Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating my effort Rashi. Welcome here. ☺

  12. well lot of women are still treated like this. which is very sad and shameful of our society

    1. That’s true. Women are treated well or not by convenience, and that is truly disturbing.

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